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Propulsion Technology

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Successful Pilot Successful Pilot

Drives ESRG PurchaseDrives ESRG Purchase

Caterpillar’s year-long test of data analytics software “exceeded expectations.”

By Patricia Keefe hen a Caterpillar employee published a talk In the case of the inland river tug, ESRG’s data analytics on current and future needs of data monitor- was able to ferret out two issues: long idle times at dock ing in 2012 for the Royal Navy, he soon got a creating unnecessary wear and fuel consumption, and the

W call from ESRG founder Ken Krooner announcing that discovery of a failing fuel pump, that had it caught the op- the future was here. Analytical functionality that author P. erator off guard, could have cost an estimated $30,000 to

Jaime Tetrault, Director, Product Support, Caterpillar Ma- $45,000 in unexpected delays ($20,000/day in estimated rine, thought would take 10 years of testing and piloting revenue loss) and $15,000 or more in offsite repair costs. to reach had been in use by ESRG and its prime customer, In the former case, eliminating one 6-hour idle period a the U.S. Navy, for 15 years. week came to a $15,000 per year savings for one vessel,

Caterpillar was more than a little intrigued, but cau- and $2.2 million per year for the 150-vessel

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