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Propulsion Technology

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specialized knowledge is lessened and if for some reason an issue arises, the crew can repair the engine themselves. This, says Yanmar, adds up to increased security on the water.

The Yanmar ‘fully mechanical’ engine also allows main- tenance tasks to be performed by the vessel’s engineer with no need to wait for factory personal with electronic diag- nostic tools to solve a problem. There’s no need to buy ex- pensive fuel injectors ‘ex factory’ – simply rebuild an injec- tor on board within a short time period and with minimal cost. Installation is equally simple.

Bottom Line Satisfaction

E Squared, a company offering all types of marine trans- portation in the Gulf Coast, chose Laborde Products,

YANMAR’s local distributor, and this particular YAN-

MAR engine not only because it met the stringent EPA

Tier III requirements and

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