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Propulsion Technology

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VT Halter Launches B. No. 270 for Bouchard

Bouchard Transportation Co. has announced the launch Bouchard is a 10,000hp twin screw ATB tug and is classed of Barge B. No. 270 at the Pascagoula Shipyard Operations by ABS as an A1 Towing Vessel, Dual Mode ATB, USCG in Pascagoula, Mississippi, on May 1st. The barge is the Subchapter M, and is equipped with an Intercon Coupler ? rst of two Articulated Tug Barge (ATB) units constructed System. When paired with Barge B. No. 270, the unit by VT Halter Marine, Inc. The tug, Kim M. Bouchard, will be used to transport liquid petroleum for Bouchard part of the ATB unit, was launched at the Moss Point Ma- Transportation Co., Inc. (Bouchard). The sister unit, M/V rine facility in Escatawpa, Mississippi, on February 26, Donna J. Bouchard and B. No. 272 is also currently under 2015. Barge B. No. 270 measures 625 feet by 91 feet by construction at VTHM. Once launched, the pair will be 47 feet, has a 250,000 barrel capacity, and is ABS and Bouchard’s eighteenth ATB unit and the safest and most

USCG certi? ed for Jones Act service. The Kim M. technologically advanced unit of its kind.

Hybrid Rotortug RT Evolution

On May 18th, 2015, the Damen-built ART 80-32 Hy- brid Rotortug RT Evolution was named at the Greenwich

Ship Tier in London. KOTUG nowadays operate three hy- brid Rotortugs. RT Adriaan and RT Evolution are operat- ing in the Port of Rotterdam and RT Emotion commenced her towage activities in the German port of Bremerhaven recently. RT Evolution and RT Emotion, both 32- me- ter hybrid next-generation ART80-32 Rotortugs are new

Damen-built tugs and designed by an alliance of Rotortug

B.V. in the Netherlands and Robert Allan Ltd in Canada. tric motors, complemented by a battery pack and managed

The Rotortug’s hybrid capacity is generated by three elec- by an intelligent XeroPoint Hybrid Propulsion System.

Incat Crowther to Design Passenger Ferries for San Francisco for seating con? guration, with a mix of forward facing and booth seats, with and without tables. The elevated wheelhouse offers excellent visibility, meeting operational requirements. An extra-wide internal staircase leads from here to the upper deck, further aiding passenger ? ow. Incat

Crowther has previously collaborated with both Kvichak

Marine Industries and Nichol Brothers Boat Builders to

Incat Crowther is designing a pair of 41m catamaran successfully produce a quartet of ferries for WETA. Gem- passenger ferries for WETA of San Francisco. The design ini, Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces remain among the world’s most environmentally-friendly ferries, and the new vessels of the vessels, which will be built by Kvichak Marine In- will build on this with greater ef? ciency from their im- dustries, showcase Incat Crowther’s ability to analyze, dis- proved hull form and the use of the latest in Selective Cat- sect and meet a set of requirements. The vessel features an isolated cabin, to be built under subcontract by Nichols alytic Reduction technology. Fitted with a pair of MTU

Brothers Boat Builders, and carries 400 passengers. The 12V4000 main engines producing 1453kW each, the ves- layout of the cabin responds to stringent requirements sel will have a service speed of 27 knots. 41m Catamaran Passenger Vessel at a glance …

Length Overall: 135 feet Length Waterline: 133 feet – 10 inches Passengers (internal): 325

Beam Overall: 37 feet Construction: Marine grade aluminum Passengers (external): 75

Draft (hull): 5 feet – 4 inches Fuel Oil: 3000 gallons / 11 356 liters Speed (Service): 27 knots

Draft (prop): 6 feet - 6 inchesFresh Water: 750 gallons / 2 840 liters Speed (Max): 29 knots

Depth: 11 feet – 8 inches Main Engines: 2 x MTU 12V4000 M64 Flag: USCG Subchapter K

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