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Inland Waterways

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Rapp Marine Deck

Equipment Rounds out

New Harley Barges

Rapp’s workboat market offerings span the Full Range of operator requirements. Their latest contract provides a turnkey package.

ong known for delivering innovative and custom deck T1D fundraising Dream Gala. OneDream will be propelled machinery solutions to a wide range of marine stake- by OneCure, which aspires for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

L holders, Rapp Marine recently was tasked with provid- The other barge, named “All Aboard for a Cure,” speaks to ing not one, but two complete equipment package for West Harley Marine’s mission to give back to the community. coast-based Harley Marine Services (HMS). The Rapp portfolio spans the full gamut of machinery, from heavy Rapp Marine’s Custom Solution duty tow winches for high horsepower tugboats, all the way Gunderson Marine worked with the barge designers El- to multipurpose cranes for barges or other workboats. Work liot Bay Design Group and the owners to determine the started last year on the equipment for the Elliott Bay De- best integrated solution for the barge’s deck machinery sign Group (EBDG) designed oil tank barges being built at needs. Ultimately, HMS speci

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