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Inland Waterways

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Centek BilgeKleen Filter System

Centek Industries BilgeKleen ? l- ter system automatically removes hydrocarbons from bilge water be- fore it is discharged. The patented system uses a ? ltering medium that binds to hydrocarbons and allows water to pass through freely. Over 99.9% of the hydrocarbon pollut-

Hobart Brothers Celebrates

Dr. Shrink Celebrates 25 ants are captured, with no increase 100th Anniversary

Years in Business in pressure to the bilge pump. It

Hobart Brothers is commemorating

Dr. Shrink celebrates 25 years of installs easily to the bilge pump dis- its 100th anniversary. Hobart intro- success in 2017. Dr. Shrink, Inc. charge line to ? t any bilge space. duced its ? rst arc welder in 1925, is a full-service, full-circle supplier built all-steel homes and founded of premium shrink wrap and all the Hobart Trade School, now the installation supplies and accesso-

Hobart Institute of Welding Tech- ries. With shrink wrap immediately nology. Today, the company is best available in widths from 12’-60’, known for formulating and manu- it’s a single-source supplier for all facturing ? ller metals for the welding shrink wrapping products and ac- industry under the Hobart brand, as cessories including heat tools, adhe- well as manufacturing welding pow- sives, zipper access doors and vents. er sources for the retail marketplace.

The Longest Lasting

Nonskid from SilvaGrip

Peel and Stick Nonskid manufac- turer Silvagrip has received its pat- ent and the U.S. Navy has assigned

NSN’s for Silvagrip. The long last-

AMEsolutions Celebrates 25 ing peel and stick Aluminum/Ce-

Year Anniversary ramic Surface has a ten year war- is com- ranty. It is corrosion, UV and water prised of Advanced Mechanical En- New SOLAS-Certi? ed proof. Easy application requires no

Throwable Device terprises/AME and Advanced Main- special equipment. Its ? exible con-

Whether faced with a man-over- tenance Engineering/AME. Since struction conforms to any deck sur- board situation or worst-case sce- 1992, AME has pioneered the use face and is Helideck Certi? ed. It is nario – a sinking – professional mar- of the most cutting-edge technolo- available in sheets or rolls. iners understand the importance of gies and state-of-the-art equipment reliable safety gear. Life Cell Marine to the diagnostics, maintenance and

Safety manufactures the radically repair of rotating machinery for pri- new Life Cell Crewman. It’s an in- vate and commercial vessels. AME novative container that holds user- is recognized as an external special- supplied survival and signaling gear, ist for condition monitoring by and is a SOLAS-certi? ed Throw-

ABS and is an authorized represen- able Buoyancy Device rated to sup- tative for Windrock and authorized port four people in the water. distributor of Wartsila seals. 59 MN

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