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Inland Waterways

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PROPULSION funds to marine initiatives, what the $423 million on electri? cation proj-


The VW settlement represents an application process involves, and how ects and existing emissions reduction unparalleled opportunity to upgrade or the money will be dispersed. programs targeting areas near ware-

California’s Air Resource Board says houses, industries and seaports. Penn- replace engines at a signi? cant cost re- duction versus no regulatory incentive it expects to split much of that state’s sylvania is reserving 55% of its $110.7 to do so. In its absence, by 2020, the

EPA has estimated that only three per- cent of tugboats, and ? ve percent of fer- ries, will be running on Tier 4 available engines. The hope is that trust fund will motivate vessel owners to more quickly lower the industry’s emissions output. “These grants really help people get technological advances for their ? eet in an affordable manner,” says McAllister.

As the states work their way through their own approval process, collecting public input and writing mitigation plans for allocating their share of the trust, potential applicants are waiting to see which states are committing 43 MN

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