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Inland Waterways

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PROPULSION million share for rail and tug engine replacement projects. go up and down the Mississippi and hit eight states – which

Maine is committing 40% of its $21 million to improve- state gets to pay for it?,” asks Paul Moynihan, vice president at ments in ports and rail yards. And notes David L. Holt, M.J. Bradley & Associates, LLC Moynihan.

Energy & Transportation Industry consultant for Cater- • Would states be willing to collaborate, to split the cost of pillar Global Aftermarket Solutions, Missouri has a lot of funding a qualifying application involving a vessel that runs barge traf? c while all the waterways meet in Paducah, KY. between both states? By splitting the bill, each state could win

Also unclear are answers to questions that would im- some emissions credit at half the cost of a NOx reduction project. pact the ability of some workboats to garner some of these • Will a company based in one state with a vessel that settlement dollars: spends most of its time working the waters of another be able to • What about vessels that traverse a regular route that submit proposals in both states? Some stakeholders think that takes them through several states? “For inland waterway folks, States will likely focus primarily on where each vessel operates.

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