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Inland Waterways

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COLUMN INSIGHTS of rail, we continue to add to serve warehouses and sites tions in the trucking industry, as well as the opportunity on our 1,200 acre property, such as the 1,500 foot spur to attract manufacturers and the companies that support constructed in 2018 to enhance the value of a 60 acre- their supply chains to the region, helping increase freight development ready site. traf? c as a whole, there are multiple economic forces en- couraging collaboration.

Mary Lamie, Executive Director of the St. Louis Re- gional Freightway, has said, “The key to success is The opening of the Olmsted Locks was heralded as going to be the integration of all modes of transpor- one the most important infrastructure accomplish- tation and building partnerships to jointly create the ments of all time on U.S. inland rivers. From your volume needed to support this new option to transport position at America’s Central Port, has its opening freight.” But, it is also true that domestic train opera- impacted your operations (yet) in any way?

tors and trucking haven’t always been receptive to

Not substantially. Since it’s on the Ohio River, it doesn’t intermodal sharing and indeed, each have powerful impact much on the Mississippi, north of the con? uence.

lobbies on the Hill to make sure they don’t lose their footprint. Would you say that locally, this relationship

Project cargoes, speci? cally related to Midwest re- is developing the necessary symbiotic chemistry?

? nery building and expansion, are increasing the use Yes. In order to make the region a central hub for trans- of inland waterways for project cargoes. Is America’s portation and logistics, all modes of freight have to work

Central Port involved with this in any way?

together. With rising global populations, trends suggesting

We have handled project cargo, but are not currently. denser cities, and an overall growing demand for food, ? -

Although we are not currently working on any now, we ber, and energy, the need for smart integrated transporta- have in the past worked with a coke plant that serves the tion networks will continue to move forward. Add to this US Steel Mill.

the current workforce shortage trends and stricter restric-

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