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Inland Waterways

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But I Don’t Need That Much:

When enough to meet the need is not enough to get the help.

By James A. Kearns

From my of? ce window in down- highway heavily congested, even at a standstill at times. town St. Louis, I can see a dramatic This congested traf? c usually includes many tractor- illustration of the inef? ciency in how trailer trucks. While some of these trucks might be there our country moves freight. My of- to cover the proverbial last-mile for a delivery to a lo- ? ce faces east, and I look down on a cal destination, I feel reasonably certain that, given the stretch of Interstate 70, that major nature of this highway, most of them are just passing east-west highway that runs from Bal- through, on their way from a remote origin to an equally timore to Interstate 15 in Utah. It is remote destination. not unusual to see the traf? c on this But just beyond Interstate 70 to the east, as viewed


Credit: St. Louis Regional Freightway

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