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Inland Waterways

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Mike Little captioned this photo as “military barges.”

True that. But consider a variation - “civilian truck barg- es?” Think how many tons of NOx, SOx and VOCs are

NOT emitted because these trucks are not driving on the

Connecticut Turnpike, crawling along at 22 mph. Recall

Connecticut Port Authority’s ideas for a maritime highway parallel to I-95. Here you can see such a highway working now. In most states and regions there’s plenty of capacity on the waterways; almost none on the Interstate system.

Where should new freight investments go?


Wherever this crane is headed, it appears just about ready to work. The ability to construct something at one site but move it to work at another site is a value that cannot be overstated. Frequently, “stick construction” at the destina- tion work site is impossible. If this equipment couldn’t be moved in, the project fails. Sorry about your employment projections and expanded property tax base for schools.

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