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Godden BaldwinIMTRA Executive Team

Award. The award was established in 1967 and is presented each year to an individual who has made signi? cant contributions to the Louisiana port and maritime community. The award will be presented posthumously due to

Baldwin’s untimely death in late March 2019. Baldwin worked in the maritime industry since 1979. Baldwin sat for six years on the New Orleans Public Belt

Railroad Board and previously served as Chairman of the Board of Commis- sioners of the Port of New Orleans.

Baldwin was the Honorary Consul of

Norway for Louisiana and Mississippi and was awarded the Royal Order of

Merit First class from the Kingdom of

Norway for his service. Baldwin was a native New Orleanian and a graduate of Tulane University.

IMTRA Restructures

Leadership Team, Adds Staff

IMTRA announced that Colby Che- valier has joined the IMTRA Lead- ership Team and has taken on the role of Director of Product Manage- ment. Tom “TJ” Orr was hired to ? ll Chevalier’s position as Lighting

Product Manager. IMTRA’s long- time Of? ce Manager, Lisa Nolet has been added to the Leadership Team as the Director of Customer Service.

Derek Stern has been promoted to Director of Sourcing/Opera- tions. Longtime IMTRA employees

Scott Stevens and Larry Lake have also been added to the Leadership

Team with their focus on produc- tion and warehouse operations. The 55 MN

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