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Inland Waterways

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Furuno’s 12KW Radar for

Inland Waterways

Furuno has introduced a higher-pow- ered FR1918VBB River Radar. With a 12kW output and all of the same critical features and functionality of its “little brother”, the FR1918VBB will enhance the situational awareness of any river vessel. The FR1918VBB

First U.S.-built Voith

Radar uses a custom river mode with

Schneider Propellers an ultra-short pulse length that pro- delivered to NCDOT vides navigators with superior bank,

VSP propulsion systems offer precise buoy and vessel detection. maneuvering and fast response time for safe operations for vessels with a high demand for maneuverabil- ity like the new ferry for NCDOT

Construction at Voith’s York, Penn- sylvania, plant allows VSP users to ful? ll “Buy America” requirements.

The two VSP units will help a ferry safely shuttle passengers and vehicles between islands in the Outer Banks.

The Release of Rose

Point ECS 4

Rose Point Navigation Systems latest release of its commercial navigation product, Rose Point ECS 4, brings

Voyage Planning tools to streamline

Subchapter M Navigation Assess- ments, automatically creating routes

MTU Engines Power showing locks and bridges, as well as

New Foss Tugs updating AIS data such as destina-

Paci? c Power Group worked with

Sea Ready Marine Petroleum’s tions and tow size. ECS4 helps meet

Nichols Brothers to out? t the new-

Alliance with ARG

USCG requirements for paperless est Foss Maritime tugs with MTU The Sea Ready / ARG Alliance was inland navigation and web-based 16v4000M65L EPA Tier 4 diesel developed in a ‘Hybrid’ business portal can be accessed from any lo- engines with Rolls-Royce US255 model to optimize the best qualities cation with internet access. azimuth thrusters. The propulsion of a Manufacturer, a Distributor and system includes an MTU Selective a Trader. American Re? ning Group’s

Catalytic Reduction (SCR) exhaust (ARG) Re? nery and Blend plant are aftertreatment system. Addition- co-located in Bradford, PA, and of- ally, the Z drive thrusters allow for fers EMD approved LMOA Gen 7 / 360-degree rotation, which pro- Tier IV Lubricant now for 25,000 lo- vides the maneuverability required comotives and marine vessels, proven in ship assist and escort work. with millions of operating hours. www.paci?

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