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Inland Waterways

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MJP Wins Taiwan CG

Propulsion Contract

Marine Jet Power (MJP) has won a multi-year contract with CSBC Ship- yard to provide propulsion for 15, 100-ton class vessels for the Taiwan

Coast Guard (TCG). Selected for its superior quality and durability, MJP’s

Victaulic Celebrates 100

Caterpillar Develops DRB line of waterjets are construct-

Years of Patented Innovation

Solutions for EU V ed from duplex stainless-steel and

In April, Victaulic celebrated a

Inland Waterway Vessels feature all inboard hydraulics. The century of innovation – 100 years

Caterpillar Marine’s development of mixed ? ow pump design offers per- since it was granted its ? rst industry new technology solutions for Euro- formance and increased operational patent for mechanical pipe joining pean Union inland waterway vessels ef? ciencies, with low maintenance solutions. On its Centennial “Inno- comply with the next generation of cost and minimal service intervals. versary,” the company continues to regulatory emissions required for EU develop and patent groundbreaking

IWW applications and will be avail- technologies, with a current port- able starting in 2020 for various pow- folio of more than 2,000 patented er ranges: for engines with less than solutions that transform the indus- 130 bkW, 130 to 300 bkW, and 300 trial and marine industries, while to 1350 bkW. These solutions lever- driving new industry standards in age proven technologies of Caterpil- performance and safety. lar’s Marine EPA and IMO products.

Wärtsilä’s Hi-Rez Radar for Port Safety

Wärtsilä’s RS24 high resolution ra- dar is the world’s ? rst commercially available K-band maritime radar. By

Shannon Reusable Insulation detecting far smaller objects and at for Engine Ef? ciency a much higher radar resolution than

Shannon Enterprises’ custom- conventional S or X-band radars, the designed insulation systems im-

RS24 enables small vessels and other prove engine ef? ciency, safety and potential hazards close to large ships

Survitec’s Novel Evacuator acoustics on board each vessel. to be visible. This promotes safety,

Emergency Descent System

For high-temperature applications especially for ferries in congested

Survitec’s new ? re-proof emergency such as engine manifolds, muf- shipping lanes and busy ports. descent system is designed to evacu- ? ers and exhaust piping, Shannon ate people at altitudes of 6 to 300 manufactures a custom ? t reusable meters. Fully mechanical, it does not high-temperature thermal blan- require electricity or any other power, ket, which, among other things, guaranteeing its operational reliabili- resists chemicals and weather and ty in all circumstances. The descent is retains radiant heat up to 1,100 F fully automatic at a controlled speed (593 C). Shannon thermal blankets of one meter per second. It is de- meet ASTM C335 requirements, signed for use on wind turbines, off- and acoustic blankets pass ASTM- shore substations and harbor cranes.

E1222 and ISO-15665 tests. 59 MN

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