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MTR MTR 100 100marine mammals and Þ sheries. It was founded in 1990 as a consultancy in oceanographic instrumentation design. In the offshore energy sector, Aquatec caters to four key areas in the offshore energy sector: cathodic protection and monitoring, hydrotest, leak detection and Metocean. In the oceanographic and environ- mental markets, stand alone products include instruments to measure temper- ature and depth (with logging, near-real time or real time reporting), a compre-hensive range of suspended sediment loggers and proÞ lers (optical and acous- tic), and marine mammal deterrents for Þ shing and construction (targeted at porpoises, dolphins and similar toothed whales). Aquatec design custom prod- ucts and systems, and offer consultancy and rental services. In the research sector Aquatec main- tains strong links with universities and research institutions around the world, and is a prominent partner in collabora-tive research, complementing its inter- nal, market-led product research and development program. AXSUB Inc.112 Montee Industrial, Suite 200, Rimouski, 112 Montee Industrial, Suite 200, Rimouski, Quebec, Canada G5M 1B1Quebec, Canada G5M 1B1 T: +1 418 731 1539 T: +1 418 731 1539 E: sales@axsub.comE: CEO/President: Eric GaudreauCEO/President: Eric Gaudreau Vice President: Lus Garand Vice President: Lus Garand Sales Manager: Aron Tullpian Sales Manager: Aron Tullpian Engineering Director: Yan Levesque Engineering Director: Yan Levesque No. Of Employees: 6 No. Of Employees: 6 AXSUB has been in business for just three years but has left its mark, becom- ing a supplier for the commercial div- ing and hyperbaric industries in Canada and with exported products to more than 30 countries. Its systems allows diving companies to achieve depth monitoring required by the Norsok Standard U-103 (Section 8.4.2). Hyperbaric and Subsea Environments Data Acquisition Systems: Over the last 10 years, the team has designed several different types of monitoring systems for the Underwater and Hyperbaric In- dustry. It is capable of developing custom systems in a short period of time relat-ed to: Diving and Hyperbaric systems; Tunneling; Equipment performance test beds; Marine and Aquatic Biology. AX- SUB is a Manufacturer of Diving Equip- ment such as Digital Video Recorders, Low voltage LED Lamps, Underwater Cameras and Electronic Depthmeter. AXSUB is a distributor of: Amron In- ternational; NUVAIR (compressors & analyzers); Birns Aquamate (underwa- ter connectors); Northern Diver (diverÕs gears); Cygnus (Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges); and Subsalve (lift bags). The CompanyThe AXYS story began with marine consulting contracts to Environment Canada for wave studies in 1974 and was followed by the design of sev- eral marine technology devices in the 1980Õs that led to an opportunity to de- sign, manufacture, install and service CanadaÕs Marine Weather Buoy Net- work. In the early 1990Õs, AXYS began producing marine technologies in col-laboration with the National Research Council (NRC). Two of the main out- comes were the TRIAXYS directional wave buoy and the next generation WatchMan500 controller processor. The Tech The AXYS WindSentinel is reported by the company to be the worldÕs Þ rst wind resource assessment buoy capa- ble of accurately gathering wind data at turbine hub-height and across the blade span. The AXYS WatchMan500 controller was designed as the next generation of payload for marine sys-tems to provide desktop to sensor mon- itoring and control, including dynamic onboard control and data storage capa-bilities. This controller is a solution for any application requiring data moni- toring, collection, control, processing, or remote system management. AXYS now provides full data hosting and management services. These services range from receiving and hosting buoy data on a publicly displayed website, to sending detailed monthly reports on data throughput from buoys or other monitoring stations. AXYS T ECHNOLOGIES INC.AXYS T ECHNOLOGIES INC.2045 Mills Road, Sidney, British 2045 Mills Road, Sidney, British Columbia V8L 5X2 Columbia V8L 5X2T: 250-655-5850 T: 250-655-5850 E: E: W: W: CEO/Presdient: Terry Tarle CEO/Presdient: Terry Tarle Engineering Director: Reo Phillips Engineering Director: Reo Phillips No. of Employees: 40 No. of Employees: 40 The Case: The Case: AXYS has been designing, manufacturing, deploying and servicing marine buoy systems for more than 40 years. It provides systems designed to acquire real-time environmental data tailored to their speciÞ cations. AXYS is an international leader in marine environmental technologies with more than 600 meteorological and oceanographic systems built and deployed worldwide. July/August 2014 10 MTRMTR #6 (1-17).indd 10MTR #6 (1-17).indd 107/31/2014 4:29:36 PM7/31/2014 4:29:36 PM

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