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Cal Dive International 2500 CityWest Boulevard, 2500 CityWest Boulevard, Suite 2200, Houston, TX 77042 Suite 2200, Houston, TX 77042 T: 877-361-2600 T: 877-361-2600 E: E: W: W: CEO/President/Chairman: Quinn J. Hébert CEO/President/Chairman: Quinn J. Hébert Since 1975, Cal Dive International has not only provided quality vessel management around the world, but has also focused on the continual education and training of their employees to en- sure safety remains a top priority. This attitude comes about from its mantra, ?Say what you do, do what you say?. Its services include manned diving, der- rick, pipelay, and pipe burial services offered to oil and gas producers of any size. Its  eet of saturation diving vessels and systems is one of the largest in the world. Cal Dive reported a better  rst quar- ter to start 2014 than in 2013. President Hébert cited a higher level of activity in Mexico as the reason for this, and that it is expected to continue throughout the rest of the year. Weather played an im- portant factor in the amount of sales that were made. The president also reported that there has been continued improve- ment in the Gulf of Mexico, Sea Hori- zon was greatly utilized in Southeast Asia, and three platforms were installed off the coast of Ecuador. C & C Technologies 730 E Kaliste Saloom Rd, Lafayette, LA 70508 730 E Kaliste Saloom Rd, Lafayette, LA 70508 T: 337-261-0660 T: 337-261-0660 E: E: W: W: Thomas and Jim Chance formed C & C Technologies in 1992 to advance sur- vey technology, just like their father. The company was the  rst to offer commer- cial AUV survey services to the offshore industry. Since then, it has continued to advance this technology. Along with its sister company Autonomous Surface Vehicles, Ltd., C & C offers unmanned surface vehicles for both the military and commercial markets. C & C has developed a cutting edge surveying instrument, the C-Surveyor VI. The device combines a proprietary camera system, laser, upgraded multi- beam, geo-chemical suite of sensors, and ?Auto Pipeline Tracking.? With this new surveyor, a full inspection can be completed with just one pass over the top or either side of the pipe. It can also give detailed span measurements and detect potential leaks. Caley Ocean Systems 249 Govan Road, Glasgow, 249 Govan Road, Glasgow, Scotland, UK G51 1HJ Scotland, UK G51 1HJ T: +44 (0)1355 246626 T: +44 (0)1355 246626 E: E: W: W: CEO President: David Cooper CEO President: David Cooper No. of Employees: 50 No. of Employees: 50 Caley has delivered to leading projects such as WHOI?s new Alvin submersible LARS based on an upgraded Caley A- frame  rst built more than 30 years ago; A-frame and winches for Geological Survey of India?s new research vessel; MTR MTR 100 100The Tech JW Fishers has continually evolved its underwater search systems. Fish- ers designs and manufactures all of its underwater search systems at their factory in East Taunton, Mass. Its line of equipment includes hand-held and boat-towed metal detectors, hand-held and boat-towed magnetometers, un- derwater video systems, ROVs, side scan sonars, scanning sonars, acous-tic pingers and receivers, and pipe and cable locators. Fishers continues to expand its line of acoustic systems with the recent addition of transpon-ders and an interrogator. These de- vices are used to mark the location of underwater objects or oceanographic instruments. The key advantage of the transponder is its ability to lie silent on the ocean bottom using almost no power until activated by the interroga- tor to begin transmitting a signal. The newest acoustic products to be added are low frequency pingers. Available in both single and multifrequency ver- sions, the low frequency pinger can be detected at a distance of 3 to 6 miles, compared to a few thousand few for standard pingers. The company is also constantly updating and improving the software used with its sonar systems and boat-towed detectors, adding new features and capabilities, and making the equipment easier to use and more powerful. Another new product is the CMS ca- ble management system which makes it easier to handle long cables.JW FISHERS MFG.JW FISHERS MFG.1953 County Street, East Taunton, 1953 County Street, East Taunton, MA, USA 02718 MA, USA 02718 T: +1 508 822 7330 T: +1 508 822 7330 E: info@jw Þ E: info@jw Þ W: http://www.jw Þ W: http://www.jw Þ CEO/President: Jack Fisher CEO/President: Jack FisherSales Manager: Christopher Combs Sales Manager: Christopher Combs Engineering Director: Deane Cahoon Engineering Director: Deane Cahoon No. of Employees: 20 No. of Employees: 20 The Case: The Case: For more than 40 years JW Fishers Mfg has specialized in the de- sign and manufacture of high-tech, reasonably priced underwater search equip- ment. Its side scan sonars, underwater metal detectors, ROVs, and magnetom- eters are in use by commercial diving companies, public safety dive teams, government agencies, police and military units worldwide. 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