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MTR MTR 100 100DeepSea Power & Light4033 Ruf Þ n Road, San Diego, CA 92123 4033 Ruf Þ n Road, San Diego, CA 92123 T: 858.576.1261 T: 858.576.1261 E: sales@deepsea.comE: W: W: CEO/President: Mark OlssonCEO/President: Mark Olsson Engineering Director: Eric Chapman Engineering Director: Eric Chapman No. of Employees: 40 No. of Employees: 40 DeepSea Power & Light is a U.S. com- pany with 30 years of experience manu- facturing underwater lights, cameras, batteries, and lasers for deep diving submersibles, ROVs, AUVs, offshore oil, and commercial divers. It was founded in 1983 with the goal of pro-viding high quality, innovative products to the oceanographic community. Ini- tially manufacturing deep water power systems, the company?s expertise and product line has grown over the years to include a wide range of underwater video and lighting systems.The Tech DeepSea Power & Light is a global leader in underwater lighting, video, and power systems for the oceanographic community. All of DeepSea Power & Light?s standard products are rigorously designed to perform in the harsh marine environment, from wet/dry surface ap- plications to full ocean depth deploy- ments.Franatech GmbH In der Marsch 8, Lüneburg, In der Marsch 8, Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, Germany 21339 Lower Saxony, Germany 21339 T: +49 4131 603884 T: +49 4131 603884 E: E: W: W: CEO/President: Björn Ove Skjeie CEO/President: Björn Ove Skjeie No. Of Employees: 13 No. Of Employees: 13 CTO/Founder Michel Masson is a pio- neer in underwater gas sensors, receiv- ing in 2002 the Schmidt-Röhmhild Technology Award for the  rst practical underwater methane sensor. Since then Franatech has broken ground regularly, e.g. with the  rst underwater gas sensor based on Tunable Diode Laser Spec- trometry, leading as early as 2008 to  rst users publications. Franatech prod- ucts have been sold in 25 countries, and have been cited in more than 35 users scienti c papers. The ProÞ leFranatech is a company specialized in development, production and supply of underwater sensors for dissolved gases; a leader in underwater methane moni- toring and detection technology. Franat- ech disposes of a fully equipped labora-tory for sensor calibration and tuning. It can simulate various deployment con- ditions and dispose of an own pressure test chamber. Electronic laboratory and mechanical workshop complement our capacity. Most of our R&D work is done directly under client contract.IP Subsea2714 Pulaski Hwy, Unit #3, 2714 Pulaski Hwy, Unit #3, Edgewood, MD 21040 Edgewood, MD 21040 T: 410-935-2547 T: 410-935-2547 E: E: W: W: CEO/President: Cliff McDougall CEO/President: Cliff McDougall Engineering Director: John Hennage Engineering Director: John Hennage No. of Employees: 8 No. of Employees: 8 There is another ?Gold Rush? underway in the waters off Nome, Alaska. The well-known placer gold deposits extend into the sea where the commercial min-ing backhoes are limited to 30 ft. water depth. Meanwhile, port and harbor dredging costs are skyrocketing worldwide while conventional dredging technology lags in adopting established remotely oper- ated vehicle (ROV) technology and best practices from the telecom, oil and gas and renewable energy industries. The Tech IP Subsea?s remotely operated dredge is a versatile 1000hp platform to perform subsea mining and dredging as well as additional survey and imaging services. The unique design offers precise vehicle positioning and control while working submerged for long durations to con- tinuously dredge through various seabed conditions.IP Subsea20 MTRJuly/August 2014 MTR #6 (18-33).indd 20MTR #6 (18-33).indd 207/31/2014 9:09:46 AM7/31/2014 9:09:46 AM

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