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MTR MTR 100 100The CompanyImagenex was founded in 1988 by pioneers in the development of high- resolution imaging and proÞ ling sonar. Within two years, the company had produced its Þ rst sonar Ð an imaging head for the commercial underwater in- dustry that was the unheard-of size of a coffee mug and rated for 300 m depth. Company milestones include intro- ducing the industryÕs Þ rst digital color imaging sonar that could be operated from a computer without a dedicated processor in 1995; introducing a sides-can sonar in 2000 with a revolutionary price/performance ratio; and develop- ing a high quality, compact and cost-ef- fective multibeam sonar with obstacle avoidance or proÞ ling conÞ gurations and optional depth ratings to 6,000 m.It is the companyÕs development of the lightweight, cost-effective Delta T multibeam sonar that is successfully bringing the beneÞ ts of real-time, high-resolution, 3D visualization within reach of operators that previ- ously had to use mechanical scanning single-beam devices. The combination of reduced cost, high quality imaging and functionality of the Delta T and other Imagenex products has been increasing its popularity in the scientiÞ c market, and for commer- cial, recreational and search and rescue (SAR) applications around the globe.The Tech Imagenex has developed a reputation for products that break new ground for depth capability, size, cost, imaging qual- ity and functionality. Innovation is both a goal and methodology for the company, which closely manages its product de-velopment, in order to control quality. As Imagenex continues to bring new products to market, it adds variations and improvements to existing equipment. The DT100 Multibeam Echo Sound-er reaches a new performance level in IMAGENEX TECHNOLOGY CORP .IMAGENEX TECHNOLOGY CORP .209 -1875 Broadway St., Port Co- 209 -1875 Broadway St., Port Co- quitlam, BC, Canada V3C 4Z1 quitlam, BC, Canada V3C 4Z1 T: +1 (604) 944-8248 T: +1 (604) 944-8248 E: E: W: W: CEO/President: Willy Wilhelmsen CEO/President: Willy WilhelmsenNo. of Employees: 25 No. of Employees: 25 The INNOVASUB mission is to develop, trade and distribute innova- tive underwater technologies that can serve the needs of commercial, rec- reational and sportive divers and dive organizations. Apart from distributing worldwide trusted products of partner brands; it produces a variety of prod- ucts from software to hardware in or- der to match, guide and contribute to the formation of the needs of todayÕs divers. INNOVASUB awarded Þ ve R&D contracts by the government; one R&D contract by European Union EUREKA project, two CITEPH R&D project. The latest R&D project is sponsored by Technip and aims to use a Decompression Index to investigate the Saturation Diving Intervals. The software engineering team in INNOVASUB produces a large vari- ety of applications ranging from mo-bile solution to cloud applications. For instance, the real time decompression management software DepthMonitor is a product to be used with the IN-NOVASUB Divephone case rated to 500 ft.; The Frameanalyser software is a signal processing tool to detect post decompression bubbles from ultrasound recordings. The SSK (Su- pervisor SideKick) is a tool for diving supervisor to organize their dives and to maintain small and medium scale databases of equipment and divers. Its electronic hardware team has patents on converting the analog panels to digital and for monitoring breathing. Its electronic team can not only design but also manufacture small scale elec- tronic prototypes in our antistatic Lab. The wholistic approach in design at INNOVASUB also incorporates Me- chanical, Mechatronics Engineers that work with the company on part time or contract basis. The patented dive computer system of INNOVASUB in the market is running the Depth Moni- tor software that can be downloaded from App Store or from Google Play. The last patent pending device IWU, monitor the breathing pattern of the diver and provides alarms based on abnormal breathing patterns or respi-ratory arrest: IWU can also detect the regulator malfunction. The harness in- corporated version of IWU (STP) de- tect, logs the position of the diver and in case of respiratory arrest provides emergency ascent together with the safe position of the body. INNOVASUB INNOVASUB Rasimpasa Mah, Yavuzturk SOK Rasimpasa Mah, Yavuzturk SOK NO32 D1 NO32 D1 Kadikoy, Istanbul, IST, Turkey 34716 Kadikoy, Istanbul, IST, Turkey 34716 T: +905333415404 T: +905333415404 E: E: W: W: CEO/President: Hakki Sefa Basatli CEO/President: Hakki Sefa Basatli 30 MTRJuly/August 2014 MTR #6 (18-33).indd 30MTR #6 (18-33).indd 307/31/2014 9:16:52 AM7/31/2014 9:16:52 AM

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