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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Developing infrastructure – such as the Qingdao harbor seen here – has been an essential component of

China’s economic revolution. Accurate current pro? ling has been vital in the successful implementation of major maritime projects, ensuring that structures are built to the correct speci? cations.

All images: Nortek - Simple to operate

Remove the water - Up to 2,000’ range on each side with the help of a JW Fishers Side Scan Sonar - Displays images on laptop or tablet 6LQJOHRUGXDOIUHTXHQF\¿VK - 500’ depth capability

Tires - Commercial construction and debris - Starting at $20,995

JW Fishers Mfg., Inc (800)822-4744 (508)822-7330 (PDLOLQIR#MZ¿VKHUVFRP


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