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Hydrographic Survey: Single & Multibeam Sonar

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Book Review

Norwegian Petroleum Museum

Getting Down to It; 50 Years of Subsea Success in Norway has been co-authored by industry veteran, and now professor emeritus at the University of Stavanger (UiS), Arn? nn Nergaard, and senior historian at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum Kristin Øye Gjerde.

now. I have been in the industry a long ses. And that’s really a disappointment. the Norwegian rig industry; another fas- time and I remember when we didn’t It seems like the industry has a memory cinating tale. discuss environmental issues at all. of something like ? ve years. As long as Getting Down to It; 50 Years of Subsea

We’re not alone. On a political level, we things are going well, it makes a good Success in Norway will be launched at now need to integrate our industry with effort to recruit. In the last four years, UTC Bergen in Norwegian and in Eng- political decisions.” it’s disappointing to see they are closing lish on June 12.

There’s also a challenge to attract new their programmes, just to see that they UTC 2019 is June 11-13. The event is talent. But this is a challenge the indus- have to be taken up again.” co-hosted by the Underwater Technol- try has faced repeatedly. Still, the industry is still strong on the ogy Foundation (UTF) and GCE Ocean “The challenge is that this industry west coast and people are more aware Technology, supported by the City of has always been a bit of a roller coaster of the opportunities, he says. UTC Ber- Bergen, with organising partners the So- when it comes to crises and the ups and gen is also doing its bit, with a Young ciety of Petroleum Engineering (SPE) downs, the difference between the bo- programme running through this year’s and the Society of Underwater technol- nanzas and the troughs is tremendous,” event. ogy (SUT). says Nergaard, “and the oil companies Nergaard has enjoyed his most recent To ? nd out more about this year’s pro- don’t really take responsibility to see challenge, so much so, he thinks there’s gram, visit: that we have continuity during the cri- potential for another book, this time on June 2019 12


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