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Hydrographic Survey: Single & Multibeam Sonar

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Tech Notes Canada

MarineNav ROVs for Marine Inspections

By Tom Mulligan arineNav, located in Montague, Prince Ed- company’s ROV components are manufactured in-house at ward Island, Canada, has been showcas- its Montague premises.

ing its latest technologies and equipment MarineNav manufactures a number of ROV product types, serving defense, aquaculture, law enforce- including its Oceanus Hybrid ROV System, the Oceanus

M ment and ? rst responder needs in marine Hybrid Plus ROV System, the Oceanus Pro ROV System, operations. The company’s offerings include marine-grade and the Oceanus Pro Plus ROV System, each with its own navigation components such as computers and displays; particular features and operational advantages, plus a range advanced vessel monitoring (AVM) and ? eet management of Oceanus ROV accessories. The Oceanus Ultimate ROV systems; and customizable industrial underwater remotely System will debut in the fall of this year.

operated vehicles (ROVs).

Easy-to-use packages

Interchangeable ROV components The Oceanus Hybrid versions were developed as an inspec-

For its ROVs, MarineNav has developed units that are de- tion-class ROV system supplied as a basic and easy-to-use signed to enable quick and easy exchange of interchangeable package. Capable of performing underwater search and re- modular components. The company said that with a range covery missions and environmental assessments, the Ocea- of optional plug-in accessories available, its ROV design is nus Hybrid is also well-suited for propeller, hull and wharf rugged and versatile and that units can be operated by a sin- inspections, and, with a weight of only 39 lbs (17.7 kg), is gle person, while interchangeable modules minimize ROV esily operable by one person. The unit features a sunlight- downtime, thereby reducing repair costs. The majority of the readable, splash-resistant 12-inch (30 cm) display that en-

Photo: Tom Mulligan

The Oceanus Pro ROV from Cana- dian company MarineNav can be operated by just one person and is designed as a rugged inspection- class ROV capable of operating to a maximum depth of 1000 feet (305 meters) at a maximum speed of six knots for use in propeller, hull and wharf inspections and un- derwater search and recovery mis- sions. June 2019

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