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Hydrographic Survey: Single & Multibeam Sonar

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Specialist Acoustic Components

By Tom Mulligan artmouth, Nova Scotia based acoustics spe- Components designed and manufactured by the company cialist company GeoSpectrum Technologies are tested with a range of on-site equipment to ensure these

Inc, a producer of underwater acoustic trans- meet customer requirements: this equipment includes pres- ducers and systems, has been in operation for sure and environmental chambers and NIST-traceable cali-

D more than 20 years, supplying hydrophones bration equipment, and the company has a production facil- and sound projectors to a range of customers in the marine ity capable of manufacturing more than 1000 hydrophones and oceanography sectors, as well as providing consultancy a day.

services on acoustic systems integration and test procedures. GeoSpectrum’s wide-band omnidirectional hydrophones

End-user sectors include defense and homeland security, include an integral, low-noise voltage- or current-signalling oil & gas, and environmental services. As well as standard preampli? er and can be con? gured to operate over customer- products, GeoSpectrum can also provide customized prod- de? ned bandwidths with required sensitivity and also allow ucts and is particularly recognized as a leading provider of for customizable gain. In addition, the depth rating for each systems for the marine mammal monitoring and ocean ob- hydrophone can be tailored to meet speci? c requirements to servation sectors. meet shallow- to deep-water requirements.

Photo: GeoSpectrum Technologies.

Deployment of a C-BASS VLF sound projector: a recent product launch from GeoSpectrum Tech- nologies that ful? ls a range of operational roles for the marine sector.

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