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Hydrographic Survey: Single & Multibeam Sonar

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The thinking behind it is that today’s Basic modules would be trim and div- erated vehicles, which would use the subsea underwater vehicle market is ing systems, battery, propulsion and a large UUV as a mother ship. A MUM dominated by specialized products, with hydrogen fuel cell. Then, mission fo- modular kit would consist of modules no one vehicle able to be used for mul- cused modules could range from ocean that have the size of standard 20 ft. or tiple tasks. So, thyssenkrupp set about bottom seismic node (OBN) deploy- 10 ft. containers. They can be combined designing a modular system, says Wil- ment (>1000 OBNs) to core drilling according to the mission speci? cations lem Hendrik Wehner, who supervises systems, or from subsea control mod- resulting in quite different vehicles, the project at Thyssenkrupp MS. ule change out to hosting remotely op- from 80 metric tons to above 300 metric

Above: uSEA’s uLARS surface drone.

Below: uSEA’s uLARS underwater docking interface.

Images from uSEA.

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