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Hydrographic Survey: Single & Multibeam Sonar

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A New USV for O

A new unmanned surface vehicle ( USV) designed for the ments installed. This means that the vehicle offers an open

Chinese market offers an open and low-cost platform to mea- and low-cost platform for customers who need to carry out sure water current and direction. Nortek China has integrated several different tasks at the same time. For example, users

Doppler instrumentation on the vehicle to help better meet can perform hydrology and water quality measurement while user requirements for ocean surveying. simultaneously obtaining water samples. Furthermore, the

The new USV has an IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) USV can carry other appropriate instruments, for example for as the main operation platform and uses Remote Desktop, a geomorphology. remote control technique, to communicate with all the instru- The basic exterior dimensions of the vehicle are about 200

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