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Hydrographic Survey: Single & Multibeam Sonar

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breaks down, the data is securely stored on the local drive and and start the data processing right away. It is also possible to once the connection is re-established the image re-appears on use automated tools such as CARIS on-board or Qimera Live the monitoring terminal. for immediate processing results. The data is always collected

The USV manufacturers can use the web browser directly in WGS84 coordinates, and all data is time stamped in the or easily integrate the HTTP based DCT’s protocol via NOR- NORBIT hardware. The speed of sound pro? le is also saved

BIT’s Open Source Hydrography platform, which is a DCT in the same ? le (or can be added to the processing software backbone and comprises of tools and utilities allowing for if needed). At the same time the raw GNSS/INS observables data access and manipulation similar to the web browser op- are recorded and allow for navigation postprocessing of a erations. The access is facilitated by open source frameworks complete navigation solution even if the RTK dropout happen which are supported by the GIS community all around the during the survey or no RTK was available at a survey time.

World. The DCT supports both Windows and Linux operating systems that allows for integration to multiple platforms and Conclusions multiple manufacturers. NORBIT’s latest Data Collection Tool (DCT) is a simple and useful tool for new markets to emerge onto the hydrog-

Post-processing and product delivery raphy survey world. The web browser interface allows con-

It is important to note that DCT is not a bathymetry pro- duction of the survey in an ef? cient way. It is suitable for cessing software. It is a utility to securely and ef? ciently run small boats and single person operations as well as unmanned hydrographic surveys, collect high-quality survey data and vehicles with low-bandwidth radio connectivity to the opera- make them available for the processing software. The DCT tor. DCT concentrates on data quality and helps the operator records the data in NORBIT.wbm ? le as well as in popular gather high-quality data with Max Quality Rule operating in *.s7k ? le. The s7k ? le contains all raw bathy points and navi- real time. Through web-based displays, DCT allows access gation datagrams which makes it very easy to drag and drop to the survey results and monitoring of the progress from any to processing software such as CARIS HIPS&SIPS or Qimera terminal in the network either local or remote.

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