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Hydrographic Survey: Single & Multibeam Sonar

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Image Courtesy Yaskawa’s The Switch

China challenge:

The Switch presence in China includes this site in Luan.

based wind turbines. The hope is to also for wind. A factory in Lu’an makes con- Parpala says, “Generally speaking, it get them buying drives for wind-service verter components. Beijing and Hong doesn’t matter if (they’re) ? oating or vessels and offshore wind turbines. Kong host The Switch sales and after- ? xed foundations, there is not much dif- “The Chinese move fast to adopt new sales support of? ces. ference when it comes to the generator technology,” Parpala asserts, a con? - Asked if ? oating wind farms like design. Some of our customers do have dent nod to ramping up the Chinese HyWind posed a different challenge, ? oating projects.” wind energy value chain. “Since the start of our company in 2006, we have delivered 6,000 converters in China for onshore turbines. One of our key Chi-

RoboNation is dedicated to creating hands-on nese customers also has our converters

STEM experiences that empower students to offshore,” he says, adding, “but we have find innovative solutions to global challenges.

not yet produced any equipment for ma-

Through competitions such as RoboBoat and RoboSub, RoboNation rine.” fosters environments

The Switch had local manufacturing where technology at several locations in China before unites people to the out? t was acquired by Yaskawa. In learn, share, and create.

Hangzhou, The Switch’s people work

Empower the Future. with Finland-based contract manu-

Support RoboNation.

facturer and system supplier, Scan? l,

Learn more at where they make full-power converters

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