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Hydrographic Survey: Single & Multibeam Sonar

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Research Institutions

Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland

At the Forefront of Ocean Technology

Photo: Tom Mulligan

World-class facilities, research and education at the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland

By Tom Mulligan he Marine Institute or, to give it its full title, the the knowledge and skills they require for success in the ma-

Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial Univer- rine industry workforce. The Institute runs three marine sec- sity of Newfoundland, located in St John’s, New- tor Schools – the School of Fisheries, the School of Maritime

T foundland is dedicated to education, training, ap- Studies, and the School of Ocean Technology, each of which plied research and industrial support for the ocean industries includes a number of specialized marine sector centers and and is one of the most respected centers of marine learning units that lead the Institute, both nationally and internation- and applied research in the world, providing more than 20 ally, in applied research and technology transfer and in the industry-driven programs with awards ranging from tech- provision of training to a range of types of industry client.

nical certi? cates to master’s degrees. In addition to its un- dergraduate and graduate programs, the Institute also offers School of Fisheries advanced diplomas, diplomas of technology and technical The School of Fisheries delivers education and training pro- certi? cates and runs a number of short courses and industrial grams to students interested in entering the aquaculture, ? sh- response programs that are designed to provide students with ing, environmental and food industries, and offers academic

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