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Autonomous Vehicle Operations

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September 2019 Robotics


Volume 62 • Number 7 16

NATO MUSCLE The NATO Center for Maritime

Research and Experimentation (CMRE) is combining smarts and muscle to solve a complex war? ghting challenge.

By Edward Lundquist

Offshore Engineering 22 CO Storage 2 A research expedition carrying a world-? rst experiment in

CO storage has just returned 2 from the North Sea and was declared a great success.


By Kelvin Boot Image: Copyright STEMM-CCS Project

Robotics 28 IMR Unmanned maritime systems (UMS) technology is moving into new commercial domains, notably inspection maintenance and repair (IMR).

By Justin Manley

Robotics 34 BP Goes “Over the Horizon” Use of USVs is becoming a commercial reality, reducing emissions, cost and risk in the offshore industry.

By Elaine Maslin 34 XOCEAN

Interview 40 Dr. Catherine Warner An interview with Dr. Catherine

Warner, Director, NATO Center for Maritime Research and 52

Experimentation, Italy

By Edward Lundquist

Robotics 52 “RoBoats” Meet shape-shifting autonomous boats from MIT.

By Rob Matheson, MIT 4 Editor’s Note 6 Authors in this Edition 8 Tech: New & Notable 48 Tech: Thrusters 63 Classi? ed 64 Advertisers Index Image Credit: MIT September 2019


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