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Autonomous Vehicle Operations

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100 100 Meter Rated

Industry Leading

Man-Portable AUV 600 600 Meter Rated

Modular AUV 6000 6000 Meter Rated

Deep Water

Workhorse 200 Meter Rated 1000 Meter Rated 6000 Meter Rated

Endurance up to 3 Endurance up to 10 Endurance of Over

Months Months a Year

Our heritage for reliability in autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and marine robotics technology is unmatched. Our vehicles explore 99% of the world’s oceans and, with the ability to be used for numerous applications from under-ice exploration to missions in the Caribbean, they allow you to complete your mission efciently and accurately.

With a history of success stories for defense, marine research and commercial applications, our reputation speaks for itself. Learn More at

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