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career pro? le dinary women and men within our industry. Perhaps most im- portant to me is that WISTA allowed me to meet some women who I now consider some of my closest friends,” she added.

Grasso agrees. “WISTA provides great networking oppor- tunities all over the world. It is a forum to share ideas and experiences and to discuss business opportunities. And, if you are faced with gender issues or other challenges, you have numerous women in many professions more than willing to share their thoughts and some possible solutions.” Beyond this, more and more organizations and trade associations are calling on WISTA for support, advice and guidance. These include, she said, the International Chamber of Shipping,

InterManager, the U.S. Coast Guard Alumni Association’s

Women’s Leadership Initiative, International Maritime Or- ganization’s Women in Maritime Associations program, the

Maritime Administration for its Women on the Water (WOW) conference, and others.

Grasso and Anagnostis-Irons don’t limit their talents and outreach to just one organization, however. Alexandra An- agnostis-Irons today is heavily involved with the Seafarers’

House Port Everglades as well as the North American Marine

Environmental Association (NAMEPA) and the Society of Na- val Architects and Marine engineers (SNAME). She wouldn’t have it any other way. “Being on the Board of Seafarers’ House of Port Everglades is rewarding on so many fronts. The biggest take-away for me personally is the opportunity to contribute my time, energy and

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