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career ship management for the Ulstein Group. Asked if she thought the competition in Norway

A Norwegian high and Asia were getting too hot, she school student made this model of an X Bow.

offers this: “The world is full of ship- yards. We want to do the service side, too. We can prototype. We can build whatever we like.”

We’re caught off guard, as the economist points out a bit of de- sign history. She reminds us that 15 years ago, Ulstein was building large anchor-handlers, but had moved on. “When we see the market move, we move as well,” she says.

Ulstein, meanwhile, has become a magnet for hopeful jobseekers and the Group actively stimulates early interest in offshore-related disci- plines rather than overtly recruiting.

High-school students are offered mo- tivational courses; trade apprentices 36 Maritime Professional 2Q 2015I I

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