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Maritime Training and Education

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Transas ITF Seafarer’s Trust 42

SUNY Maritime Globecomm statistics ? ve minutes with ...

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A FutureNautics look at mariner’s Top The candid CEO explains the signi? cance

Comms Wish List. of the launch of THESIS.

8 | Editor’s Note crew connectivity recruiting 48 | Technology | 44 A New Paradigm | 16 Maritime HR Trends 54 | Maritime Schools

Industry recognizes the need to invest in Service providers have spent decades deliver- ing services on the basis of a demand model & Training Centers its people like never before.

By Phil Parry that is in danger of being overtaken by events.

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By Trevor Whitworth 64 | Advertiser’s Index insurance workboat academy | 19 Navigating 2016 | 50 Coming of Age

Navigating 2016’s marine insurance market.

The unique, apprenticed-based format at-

By Anne Marie Elder tracts both quality candidates and employers.

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