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Short Sea Shipping Ports

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Modi imesh Modi is Chief Executive Offcer of BookYourCargo, based on the National Motor Freight System and then tracks and a fve-year-old startup launched in 2014 that services the traces the movement of cargo. The company is technology driven,

Ndrayage needs of the shipping industry. He most recently leveraging a proprietary state-of-the-art digital platform, leading served as COO. Prior to joining BookYourCargo, Mr. Modi be- to higher productivity and steep reduction in costs. BookYour- gan his career in 2003 as an NVOCC with Atlantic Pacifc Lines, Cargo works with retailers and customers across all categories - where he served as Vice President, Commercial, primarily over- small, mid-range and large business entities, including retail and seeing sales and development of agency networks and procure- commercial shippers.

ment. Throughout his tenure, he continued to take on additional Any mode in the transportation equation is only as effcient as responsibilities, including fnance, administration, HR and tech- the one that immediately precedes, and follows it. Like the chas- nology. Mr. Modi graduated from DDIT Institute of Technology, sis issue that plagues the intermodal supply chain, drayage is also where he received an Engineering degree with a concentration in an underserved part of the market. Listen as Nimesh Modi weighs

Electronics and Communications. in on what the supply chain can do to change that reality. is a freight brokerage platform that ag- gregates shippers and truckers for seamless transportation of car-

Describe the solution.

go across the USA. It displays a real time matrix of trucking rates BookYourCargo serves as the single point of all trucking ser- 32 Maritime Logistics Professional November/December 2019 | |

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