Capt. Stream And L.R. Glosten Form M.A. Stream Associates

Formation of a new corporation, M.A.

Stream Associates, Inc., to engage in marine surveying assignments throughout the world, was announced in Seattle, Wash., by its principals, Capt. M.A. Stream and L.R. Glosten.

Captain Stream has been engaged worldwide in marine surveying and maritime activities, specializing in Alaska, for the past 40 years. Mr. Glosten is head of L.R. Glosten Associates, a 20-year-old Seattle firm of naval architects with an equally wide range of assignments and specialities, including towboats, barges and exploration vessels.

The new firm, a wholly owned subsidiary of L.R. Glosten Associates, Inc., will engage in hull, damage, evaluation and other surveys, as well as providing consulting and technical services on loading, towing and other cargo movements.

"We are pleased and gratified that Captain Stream, who enjoys the highest respect of all who know him, has agreed to head up this new firm," Mr. Glosten said in Seattle.

"We are confident it will fill a need not only in the Pacific Northwest and in Alaska, but elsewhere in the shipping and towing world." Associated with Captain Stream will be Capt. Dick Parenti and Harish Gidwani, both with extensive deepsea and towboat experience.

Captain Stream, better known along the Pacific Coast as "Doc," started to sea in 1929, moving to towboats in 1937. Over the years, he rose to tug master, associated with such firms as Puget Sound Tug and Barge, Harbor Tug and Alaska Freight Lines, where he ultimately served as port captain in Seattle.

In 1957, he joined U.S. Salvage Assn. as staff surveyor, becoming resident surveyor in charge of the Seattle office in 1962. He held this post until retiring from U.S. Salvage in November 1977. During his service with U.S. Salvage, he completed assignments from the tropics to the Arctic.

Captain Stream, Captain Parenti, Mr. Gidwani and the Glosten firm all played an active technical role in the tug and barge movement of modules and other heavy equipment from Seattle to Alaska's Prudhoe Bay oilfields.

Captain Parenti first went to sea in 1944, working offshore and in the towing industry, where he became chief mate and master for Foss Launch & Tug and Crowley Maritime Corp. During this period, he served as port captain for Crowley's PAC and Fed PAC International operations. For the past three years, Captain Parenti has been totally involved in international towing and cargo operations.

As manager of marine operations, field operations and special projects for Global Transport Organization on a worldwide basis, he specialized in heavy-lift cargo movements, including oil rigs and dredge fleets.

Mr. Gidwani, a graduate of the Marine Engineering College in India, had nine years of deepsea experience, including five years as chief engineer on outside tugs for Crowley Maritime Corp. prior to serving in such shoreside supervisory posts as chief test and trials engineer for Lockheed Shipyard in Seattle, and most recently as staff surveyor for U.S. Salvage Assn. in Seattle.

Also associated with M.A. Stream Associates, Inc. as a consultant is Frank E.

Hanson, well-known in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, who recently retired after 20 years with U.S. Salvage.

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