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Edmond Easter Named

Navidyne Vice President accordance with contract terms.

With 20 ships of the same class still under construction, as a result of contracts previously- awarded to Todd in fiscal years 1975-79, this award gives the company a Naval shipbuilding backlog of $1.5 billion for the 23 ships now under contracts.

The first Todd-built FFG, the

USS Wadsworth (FFG-9), con- structed at the Los Angeles Di- vision, joined the fleet early in

April this year. The second, the

Duncan (FFG-10), having suc- cessfully completed acceptance trials, will be delivered by the

Seattle Division in May. Of the remaining ships, nine have been launched and 11 are on the build- ing ways or in the construction process. Of the total of 25 ships awarded to Todd thus far, 21 are for the U.S. Navy and four are for the Royal Australian Navy.

One of the ships of the current order will be built at the Los

Angeles Division and two at the

Seattle Division.

Mr. Gilbride stated that, based on current administration plan- ning, at least 15 more of these frigates are proposed for con- struction. Todd expects to be awarded a fair portion of these during the next four years.

Edmond Easter

Navidyne Corporation, Newport

News, Ya. announces the promo- tion of Edmond Easter to the newly created position of vice president, marketing. He will as- sume responsibility for worldwide sales of Navidyne's product line of marine electronics equipment.

Mr. Easter has served as Navi- dyne's marketing manager for

North America since joining the company in 1976. He has also held marketing positions with the

Hastings-Raydist Division of Tel- edyne, Inc., and with Texas Elec- tronics.

According to A. Clifford Barker, president of Navidyne, Mr. Easter has played a leading role in es- tablishing the company as a lead- ing producer of satellite naviga- tion receivers.

Catalog Available

From Milwaukee Tool

A 16-page catalog describing the company's complete line of vices, jacks, braces, wrenches, pipe cutters and other tools and equipment for use in shipyards and shops is being offered by

Milwaukee Tool & Equipment

Company. The brochure gives complete specifications on a wide range of products, particularly vices.

For a free copy of this catalog, write to Dick Berger, sales man- ager, Milwaukee Tool & Equip- ment Company, 2773 South 29th

Street, Milwaukee, Wis. 53215.

Navy Contracts Totaling $203 Million Awarded

To Todd Shipyards-

Backlog Is $1.5 Billion

John T. Gilbride, chairman and chief executive officer of Todd

Shipyards Corporation, has an- nounced that the company's West

Coast subsidiary, Todd Pacific

Shipyards Corporation, has been awarded additional contracts to build, under the Navy's fiscal 1980 program, two more FFG-7 class guided missile frigates for the U.S. Navy, and one additional

FFG-7 class ship for the Royal

Australian Navy.

The base price is approximately $203 million, with provision for upward adjustment for labor, ma- terial, and overhead escalation in 16

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