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$17-Million Contract

For Northwest Marine Yard

Northwest Marine Iron Works,

Portland, Ore., has been awarded a $17,141,368 firm fixed-price con- tract for the regularly scheduled overhaul of the USS Stein (FF- 1065). The Supervisor of Ship- building, Conversion and Repair,

USN, Seattle, Wash., is the con- tracting activity. (N62799-70-C- 0013)

Motzfeldt Promoted At

Barber Steamship Lines

Peter U. Motzfeldt has been named vice president and deputy general manager of the Gulf Di- vision office of Barber Steamship

Lines, Inc., based in Houston,


New Salvage Technique

Developed In Sweden

A new way of salvaging ships by the use of a highly sophisti- cated balancing/regulating tech- nique has been developed by the

Gothenburg firm of MP Consult.

The method also can be used for the accurate positioning of sub- sea pipelines.

A submerged vessel is first blasted free of marine growth and other clinging material, and a series of inflatable pontoons are secured to it by means of special fastenings. The pontoons — made of PVC, rubber, or other mate- rial — are then inflated by com- pressors aboard a surface vessel.

Any tendency for the ascending ship to list is instantly corrected by means of special computer- controlled valves that either feed more air to the correct pontoon or deflate it to the required ex- tent. Tilts are thus corrected without delay. The computer also controls the compressor.

Simulator tests on the new method—dubbed octopus—carried out at Chalmers University of

Technology in Gothenburg, have yielded very promising results. A major advantage of the new sys- tems is that it can be controlled by only one surface vessel, and functions even in fairly rough weather.

Collision Avoidance Simplified.

Peter U. Motzfeldt

Announcing the appointment,

Robert N. Mackey, vice president and general manager of the Gulf

Division, said Mr. Motzfeldt's re- sponsibilities would cover regional sales, marketing, and traffic man- agement for Barber Blue Sea, as well as national sales for Nordana

Line and Gulf Europe Express, three carriers for which Barber

Steamship is general agent in the


Mr. Motzfeldt, who previously held senior management positions with Barber in the company's

Singapore, Oslo, and Hong Kong offices, will also participate in the buildup of Barber Steamship

Lines' tramp and tanker agencies in the Gulf area.

Compressed Air

Reprints Available

From Hankison

Four reprints of technical ar- ticles of interest to users of com- pressed air are available from

Hankison Corporation, Canons- burg, Pa. All four are articles by

Donald R. Foltz, vice president- engineering.

Subjects covered are: Com- pressed Air System Contami- nants, Their Source, Formation and Identification; Compressed

Air Purification by Activated Car- bon Absorption; Simplified Meth- od for Determining Compressed

Air Line Freeze-Up Potential; and

Oil Removal from Compressed


Copies may be obtained by writing to John Quigg, Hankison

Corporation, Canonsburg, Pa. 15317.

May 15, 1980

CAS II. Compact. Automatic. Simple.

Sperry's new CAS II™collision avoidance system — its computerization provides its simplicity.

Microprocessors control all CASH functions.

Uncomplicated, push-button operation contin- uously supplies all the vital information needed for safe navigation. And built-in self-test equipment precisely identifies any deviation from normal operation.

CASH reduces the critical time required for maneuvering decisions because Sperry's patented

PAD™(Predicted Areas of Danger) display shows a constant, fade-free assessment of potential hazards, even in strong daylight. You are always aware of important data such as own-ship speed and heading as well as target-ship range, bearing, speed, course, closest point of approach, and time to closest point of approach.

CAS II reduces troubleshooting and service time through its self-test capability and interchange- able modular circuit boards. The system conforms to the specifications of IMCO (ARPA), MARAD,

U.S. Coast Guard and other international organiz- ations. And the surprisingly low cost of CAS II is one more significant advantage over other systems.

The Sperry CAS II. Collision avoidance simplified.

For further information, see your Marine

Systems representative, or call or write:

Sperry Division Headquarters, Marine Systems,

Great Neck, New York 11020. (516) 574-2183.

SPERRY IS A DIVISION OF SPERRY CORPORATION ent for Cleveland Tankers. Tnc.. riirs is ahnnt $1A K million V... -tc/t J?- 1 in r — j- tne regularly scheduled overhaul

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