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John Detter Named V.P.

Of Manufacturing At CRC

John Detter

CRC Pipeline Equipment, Hou- ston, Texas, has appointed John

Detter as vice president-manu- facturing. Wynn Norris, presi- dent of CRC made the announce- ment. Mr. Detter, formerly plant manager, will be in charge of all plant operations at the compa- ny's Tulsa, Okla. facility.

CRC Pipeline Equipment is a division of the Houston-based

Crutcher Resources Corporation and engages in the manufacture, sales and service of specialized pipeline construction equipment.

Hayward Expands Line Of

High Pressure Strainers —Literature Available

Hayward Industrial Products,

Inc., of Elizabeth, N.J., one of the country's leading manufac- turers of pipeline strainers, has expanded its line of high pres- sure, cast-steel basket strainers by adding three new types of end connections.

Previously available in 1 to 4-inch with flanged end connec- tions, Hayward high pressure strainers are now available in 1-inch, lV2-inch and 2-inch with threaded, socket and butt weld end connections. Hayward high- pressure strainers are available in both Duplex and Simplex mod- els. Both models have bolted cov- ers and are designed with legs for bolting to floor or deck. Du- plex models offer the advantage of uninterrupted flow.

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SNAME To Play Major Role

In Converting Milspecs

To Commercial Standards

The Society of Naval Archi- tects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) in cooperation with the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), and the American

Society for Testing and Mate- rials (ASTM), is going to make a major effort to help develop more U.S. Shipbuilding Stand- ards.

The Technical and Research (T&R) Steering Committee of the society has approved a plan for technical experts of the T&R panels to review and update se- lected naval specifications and standard drawings before their development into voluntary ship- building standards. This will serve to speed up the National

Shipbuilding Standards Program.

There are many thousands of

MILSPECS, a portion of which are ideal for converting into commercial shipbuilding stand- ards. SNAME will do the job of updating with the aid of T&R volunteers, and turn them over to the ASTM Committee F-25 on shipbuilding for development into published standards.

SNAME officials said it is an accepted fact that an extensive and comprehensive set of ship- building standards can be instru- mental in lowering costs and im- proving the shipbuilding process.

The ASTM program to develop shipbuilding standards was be- gun in 1977 with the reactiva- tion of the SNAME Panel SP-6 (Standards and Specifications) of the Ship Production Committee of the society. Panel SP-6 has been serving as the industry's guidance committee as the stand- ards are being developed through

ASTM consensus process and published by that organization.

Panel SP-6 will serve as

SNAME's control committee on this expanded program of com- mercializing the MILSPECS, co- ordinating the flow through the

SNAME organization to the

ASTM committees.

We Build Ships Better and Faster for Less

Increased manpower, technological expertise, and access to complementary technologies and facilities are the beneficial results of the recent amalgamation of

Samsung Shipbuilding, Samsung Heavy Industries, and Daesung Heavy Industries

Co., Ltd. We are expertly equipped to build any type of vessel anywhere in the world.

Newly Amalgamated


Head Office: Samsung Main Bldg 250, 2Ka, Taepyong-ro, Chung ku, Seoul, Korea

Tel 771-33, Telex SHICO K23726, SSYARD K23306

Koje Shipyard: 530, Jangpyung n, Sinhyun up Koje kun, Kyongsang Nam do, Korea

Tel Gohyun 2 2151/9, Telex SSCYARD K29211, 29212, 29213

Overseas Branches: • London Office: Tel 831-8888, Telex: 264606 STARSLG •Tokyo Office: Tel: (03) 593-1328/9, Telex:

SAMSTARS J24244 • New York Office: Tel: (201) 592-7900, (212) 227-9770, Telex: 135536 SAMSUNG FORT • Sydney Office (SHI

Australia Pty. Ltd): Tel: 436-2411, Telex AA 71747 SANSYD • Dammam Office: Tel: 842 9772, Telex: 602439 SCCDAM SJ

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