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Southwest Marine

Appoints Watt VP,

Business Development

Quintin Watt

Southwest Marine, Inc., San Die- go, Calif., recently appointed Quin- tin Watt as vice president-business development.

He will operate from the compa- ny's Northwest Marine facility in

Portland, Ore., and will be responsi- ble for developing new commercial ship repair business, primarily from

European and Asian sources, for

Southwest marine facilities in San

Diego, San Pedro. San Francisco, and Portland.

Wide Frequency Coverage

Provided By Kenwood

SSB Marine Transceiver

The model TKM-707 SSB marine transceiver offered by Kenwood

U.S.A. Corporation, Long Beach,

Calif., covers all marine bands be- tween 2 MHz to 30 MHz. This is wider coverage than most single- sideband transceivers currently on the market. Additionally, it pro- vides 150-watt RF output power and up to 198 memory channels.

Designed for simple operation, the TKM-707 allows direct key- board entry of either ITU channels or frequencies. Other standard fea- tures include a 2.182 MHz emergen- cy alarm, lower sideband and chan- nel scan. A high frequency cooling system allows continuous transmis- sion of full power output for several hours. A large, multi-function liquid crystal display provides optimum readability in bright sunlight or darkened conditions. Modes of op- eration include upper sideband, lower sideband, and AM.

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FANA To Build Temporary

Shelters For Iranian

Earthquake Victims

A U.S. company that usually sup- plies boatowners with protective polyethylene coverings has volun- teered its services to build tempora- ry structures for Iranian earthquake victims.

FANA (Film Applicators of

North America) recently applied for and was granted permission bv the

September, 1990

Iranian Government to supply and build temporary shelters for earth- quake victims in Iran.

According to the U.S. State De- partment and the Permanent Mis- sion of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations, Anthony

Seraphin, president of the Spring- field, Pa., company, was the first

American to receive permission to do post-earthquake work in Iran.

The FANA structures will be made of steel tubing and the compa-


ECSTASY, cruise vessels constructed at MASA-Yards for

Carnival Cruise Lines will each feature 2x14 MW CYCLO propulsion drives, 6.6 kV switchboards, four 10.3 MVA and two 6.8 MVA generators, plus six thruster motors and the main transformers, all engineered and supplied by

ABB Marine, Helsinki.

Similar systems (propulsion power 2x12 MW), also including integrated machinery automation, was supplied by

ABB Marine for Crystal

Harmony, built for Crystal

Cruises by MHI, and will be delivered for 3 cruise ships being built by Fincantieri for


The first of the two 14 MW synchro- nous motors being hoisted into

M/S Fantasy. ny's ArmorShield shrink film. The polyethylene film is shrunk over the steel tube frame using the compa- ny's propane-fired heat guns.

According to FANA, a shelter about 20 feet wide, 40 feet in length and 10 feet high, with doors and windows, is simple to construct, tak- ing about 3 to 4 hours to set up. The structures, which can be built to any size, can be used for housing or stor- age of supplies.

Lead by Mr. Seraphin, the vo-

Design for Maximum Profit

The propulsion system of a mod- ern cruising vessel is designed as an integrated part of the total vessel, taking the actual service profile and total energy production and consumption into considera- tion. Other important criteria are system efficiency, operational safety, passenger comfort - and space utilization.

The Power Station Concept

In all these respects, the Power

Station solution with Cyclo propul- sion offers unquestionable advan- tages, compared to conventional diesel mechanic propulsion:

Increased Earning Capacity through: • A simplified, compact engine room • Flexible placing of the main generators • Simplified L.O., C.W., and F.O. systems • Better heat recovery arrange- ments

Reliability, Less Maintenance through: • Redundancy • Diesels running at optimum load

Cruising Quality through: • Reduced noise and vibration • Propulsion performance and control lunteers plan to build three to four structures and train others to con- struct them in one area and then move on to another site.

It is not the first time Mr. Sera- phin has volunteered FANA's serv- ices. In 1988-89, FANA responded to the Armenian earthquake by building shelters.

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CYCLO Propulsion Power

A Cycloconverter driven AC syn- chronous motor can be connected directly to the propeller shaft, elim- inating the need for reduction gear- ing. It is also perfectly suitable for a fixed pitch propeller.

It provides smooth torque through the entire speed range, causing a minimum of vibration, even at very low speeds. Voltage distortion is exceptionally low, and the risk of inducing damaging res- onance is minimal. Regenerative braking of the propeller is achieved without special arrangements.

The CYCLO control system provides flexible control and over- load protection, and is easily adaptable for crash stop optimi- zation etc.

The control system can be ex- tended into an integrated automa- tion system encompassing power management, machinery super- vision and piping system control, featuring VDU terminals. 50 Years of Solid Experience

ABB Marine has provided elec- trical propulsion for more than 130 ships or offshore vessels; electrifi- cation for 110 passenger ships, 800 newbuildings and 1600 retro- fits; power management systems for 600 vessels; integrated automa- tion systems for 140 vessels.

ABB Marine

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