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Dorman Diesels' 'Sea King'

Engine Range In Demand

For Fishing Propulsion Market

The Dorman "Sea King" marine diesel range from Dorman Diesels,

Ltd., Stafford, England, is enjoying continued success in the fishing pro- pulsion market, with numerous in- stallations for arduous fishing du- ties throughout Europe and the


One of the most recent Dorman

U.K. installations is the re-engining of the trawler Sara Maria for T.R.B.

Fisheries. A Dorman Sea King 6TA/ 2 marine diesel developing 284 hp at 1,350 rpm for main propulsion was installed in the vessel. The Sara

Maria has a Twin Disc gearbox which was also supplied by Dor- man.

Dorman recently made its first

Sea King 8 installation in the Greek fishing propulsion market. The ves- sel, a purse seiner of steel construc- tion, was supplied with a propulsion package consisting of the Sea King 8 engine, Reintjes gearbox and engine controls.

According to Dorman, the Sea

King range combines advanced die- sel technology with excellent fuel efficiency and highly reliable pro- pulsion power, making the engines ideal for the most arduous fishing

Dorman Sea King 8 marine diesel engine, part of the propulsion package recently installed in a Greek purse seiner. duties. The range offers a contin- uous output band up to 670 kWb at speeds between 1,200 and 1,800 rpm for both propulsion and auxiliary applications. The engines are pre- mium specification, direct injection, turbocharged, water-cooled marine diesels of in-line configuration which are available with cooling sys- tems to suit the application and installation considerations.

The Sea King series offers one of the lowest fuel consumptions in its class, typically a 5 percent saving over other engines. This highly com- petitive fuel consumption is avail- able over a wide operating speed range.

The Sea King 6 and 8 offer the considerable servicing advantages associated with an in-line configura- tion and have been designed for ease of service access and maintenance.

The compact nature of the en- gines makes installation consider- ably easier in many situations and these engines benefit from high lev- els of engine protection to ensure a long and trouble-free life.

Dorman has an extensive interna- tional distributor network covering over 120 countries worldwide which has recently been further enhanced by the continued development of marine service care from specialized marine diesel distributors in France,

Holland, Spain, Germany,. Italy,

Norway, Iceland and Greece.

For free literature giving further information on the Dorman Sea

King range of marine diesel en- gines,

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Inorganic Coatings Offers

Brochure On IC 531,

Zinc Silicate Technology

Inorganic Coatings, Inc., Mal- vern, Pa., has published a 20-page, full-color brochure that focuses on

IC 531, water-based high-ratio zinc silicate technology that was devel- oped by NASA.

The brochure first traces the his- tory and performance of water- based zinc silicates from the 1940s to their culmination in NASA's breakthrough high-ratio technology.

Benefits and innovations in coating made possible with the high-ratio technology are then pointed out throughout the publication.

In addition to offering virtually permanent protection from corro- sion, high-ratio IC 531 eliminates the cure process and offers numer- ous other benefits, including: zero

VOCs, clean-up with water, and no toxic chemical waste; ready for top- coating or service in two hours or less; a hard adhesive finish which means less touch-up and a better overall job; mudcrack and overspray resistance; easy mixing and applica- tion properties; and infinite main- tainability by repairing or recoating with itself.

Bulletins from a series of case studies on IC 531 are also available from Inorganic Coatings.

For further information and a free copy of the Inorganic Coatings brochure,

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A new era in product oil carrier design.

Hitachi Zosen has developed the EPOCH

MARK II series which has a unique structure not found on conventional ship designs.

Revolutionary in concept, the MARK II incorporates a unidirectional girder system combined with a complete double hull structure.

While a ship's hull is customarily designed with a grillage of longitudinal and transverse members for strength, this system uses only longitudinal members in a double hull to provide sufficient strength.

This unidirectional girder system results in unprece- dented structural simplicity and completely flush surfaced cargo tank interior. MARK II product oil carriers provide unrivaled advantages in performances over more conventional designs.

The EPOCH MARK II series is available in 40, 60 and 80 thousands dwt designs. And has won the approval of leading classification societies (ABS,

BV, LRS, NK, DNV). At present many worldwide patents are under application.

Hitachi Zosen is also expanding this new structural system for the development of combination cargo carriers such as PROBO or

OBO carriers other than oil tankers.

The Superior Performance of the EPOCH MARK II Series:

Conventional EPOCH MARK II

Tank configuration n n] n n 0 • j ®> 1" I"

Cargo/ballast segregation

Unloading efficiency

Cargo tank cleaning unloading time stripping

Cargo tank heating

Maintenance cargo tank coating ballast tank coating hull construction stranding & collision ••• *•* *** Excellent **: Good *: Normal

We build industries Hitachi Zosen


HITACHI ZOSEN INTERNATIONAL, S.A.: London: 8th floor Winchester House, 77 London Wall, London EC2N 1 BX, England Phone: 01-628-3891/8 Telex: 887873, 884009

HITACHI ZOSEN U.S.A. LTD.: New York: 150 East 52nd Street, 20th floor, New York, NY 10022, U.S.A. Phone: 212-355-5650 Telex: 126582, 232036

HITACHI ZOSEN CORPORATION: Tokyo: 1-1-1 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100, Japan Phone: 03-213-6611 Telex: J24490 OVERSEAS OFFICES & SUBSIDIARIES: Dusseldorf: Grat-Adolf-Strasse 24, D-4000 Dusseldorf 1, West

Germany Phone: 0211-133011/4 Telex: 8587231 Beijing: Room No. 6087, Beijing Hotel, Dong Chang An Jie, Beijing, The People's Republic of China Phone: 513-8516 Telex: 22519 Jakarta: WismaAntara, 14th floor, Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan 17, Jakarta,

Indonesia Phone: 021-345948, 345943 Telex: 44496 Hitachi Zosen Clearing Inc.: 6499 West 65th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60638, U.S.A. Phone: 312-767-8700 Telex: 254781 Hitachi Zosen Singapore (Pte.) Ltd.: No 15, Benoi Road, Singapore 2262,

Singapore Phone: 8616622/3 Telex: RS21213, RS21906 Hitachi Zosen Engineering Singapore (Pte.) Ltd.: UOB Building, 325 Boon Lay Place, Jurong, Singapore 2264, Singapore Phone: 2641344 Telex: RS21999 Hitachi Zosen Company (HK) Limited:

Room No. 1009, Tak Shing House, 20 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong Phone: 5-220597, 5-246237 Telex: 73648 Hitachi Zosen Metalmecanica, Ltda.: Rod. BR 101-Km 08 Carapina-Serra, Espirito Santo, Brazil Phone: 027-228-1555 Telex: 272287

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