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Welded Aluminum Construction 37 BRANSFORD STREET, PATCHOGUE, NEW YORK 11772

PHONE: 516-289-0621

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From Murmansk on the Arctic Ocean to Cape Town, where the South Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean, the inhabitants of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa speak hundreds of languages and dialects. But everyone concerned with marine design, construc- tion, and operations knows the meaning of ABS, the organization that provides worldwide technical and operational services to build- ers and owners of ships and offshore systems. Now, ABS Europe, a newly organized division of the American Bureau of Shipping, with a fully functioning business office in London, has full responsibility for delivering all ABS services to this dynamic part of the world.

ABS Europe is one of three new divisions - the other two are ABS

Americas and ABS Pacific - that oversee our 159 local offices serving marine and offshore industries in all portions of the globe. The new

ABS structure brings management even closer to our clients, making us more responsive to their needs and more sensitive to the local conditions where they operate.

ABS, the international marine classification-and-certification organi- zation, is now regionalized to serve you more efficiently.



ABS House, No. 1 Frying Pan Alley, London E17HR, England

Tel: (44-71)247-3255 FAX: (44-71)377-2453 Telex: 885621/8811205

Wartsila-Powered Semisubmersible 'Drillmar Y Completed By ASTANO

Astilleros Y Talleres del Noroeste (ASTANO) of Ferrol (La Coruna),

Spain, recently completed the sem- isubmersible drilling vessel Drill- mar I for Drillmar, S.A.

The design, by Friede & Goldman,

Ltd., is the latest version of their

Pacesetter Class. Over 60 vessels have been built to this family of designs which, though similar in general appearance, vary considera- bly in size. The Drillmar I is one of the larger Pacesetters, with the capability of working in harsh envi- ronments and deep waters.

The Drillmar I has an overall length of 270 feet and overall beam of 203 feet. It has twin lower hulls, six stability columns, and the main deck is 116 feet above the base line.

The vessel is equipped with an all- chain mooring system for 1,500-foot water depth consisting of eight Vici- nay high holding Norshore-type anchors each weighing 30,000 pounds, and eight chains each 5,500 feet long of 3-inch-diameter K-4 type.

Two thrusters of 3,750 bhp are cur- rently installed for propulsion and mooring assist. Four Pusnes Double

Wildcat electrically driven wind- lasses are fitted with an emergency release system which permits move- ment away from blowouts even in the event of a total blackout.

Power for the semisubmersible is provided by four Wartsila diesels each delivering 2,865 kw at 6,000 V.

Propulsion and mooring assistance are provided by two AC motor-driven

Foundations for two additional dual 100-hp ten- sioners are provided on the Drillmar I, along with space for additional tensioner air bottles, control panels, and riser joints should the owner desire to upgrade the unit for 2,000-foot water depth.

Schottel controllable-pitch thrusters. Control of the thruster in the mooring assist mode is through a Simrad APM 3000 position moor- ing system. Two diesel hydraulic cranes with 140-foot booms satisfy the cargo handling needs of the vessel.

Control of the ballast system as well as the other fluid transfer sys- tem is provided by a Simrad AIM

Rig Management System (RMS), which also monitors all fire, gas and ventilation alarms as well as the power generation and thruster sys- tem.

Profile drawing of the Drillmar I.

The vessel is equipped to drill to depths of 25,000 feet in water depths up to 1,500 feet. Well control is through an 18-3/4-inch, 15,000-psi

BOP and 21-inch-OD riser. The

BOP is moved from its storage posi- tion to well center by means of a

Maritime Hydraulics fork lift type carrier. Tension for the riser joints is provided by four dual 100 kip tensioners.


Major Equipment

Diesel generators. Wartsila

Thrusters Schottel

Mud pumps National

Derrick Branham

Drawworks National

Tensioner Shaffer

Pipe handling Maritime Hydraulics

Cranes Hagglunds

Rig management and position mooring systems Simrad

The two-level quarters house provides housing accommodations for 96 people in two-man staterooms.

The fully air-conditioned house also contains a six-bed hospital, two recreation rooms, two change rooms, galley, mess room, stores and bridge.

A helideck sized for a Sikorsky S61N extends forward from the roof of the accommodations.

For free literature on the facili- ties and capabilities of ASTANO,

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Mitsui Places $181 Million Order

For Four Product Carriers

An order for the construction of four double-hulled 40,000-dwt prod- uct carrier has been placed by Mit- sui OSK Lines with Minami Nippon

Shipbuilding, a medium-sized ship- builder affiliated with Mitsui Engi- neering & Shipbuilding (Zosen) group.

The first vessel is scheduled to be completed in September 1992, and the last in the spring of 1993.

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