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Aalborg Ciserv's Repair Area

Extends From Alaska To Hawaii

And Includes West Coast Ports

Aalborg Ciserv, which has facilities in San

Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles, now has a ship repair, service and maintenance coverage area that extends from Alaska to Hawaii, and includes all ports of call on the West Coast of the

United States.

In addition to excellent machine shop services and worldwide spare parts organization, the company is very experienced in at-sea repairs and maintenance with a traveling crew of expe- rienced engineers and service technicians ready at a moment's notice to attend to every need.

Because Aalborg Ciserv is a part of an interna- tional network of service and manufacturing companies, it has the resources and the technical expertise at hand to undertake almost any job. A solid work force of people is maintained, skilled in the repair and maintenance of marine diesel engines, boilers, control systems, steam turbines, pumps, valves and other types of machinery as well as the dynamic balancing of rotating equip- ment.

As an authorized service station for many of the most popular engine and turbocharger manu- facturers, Aalborg Ciserv is qualified to handle all servicing and overhaul work.

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Aalborg Ciserv,

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Latest lnmarsat-2 Satellite

Launch Provides More Capacity

For COMSAT Customers

The second in a series of four Inmarsat-2 sat- ellites was successfully launched recently by a

McDonnell Douglas Delta rocket from Cape

Canaveral, Fla. The Inmarsat-2 (F2) will occupy a permanent orbital slot at 15.5 degrees west longitude over the Atlantic Ocean Region-East (AOR-E), replacing the current satellite for that region, the MCS-B, which is leased from IN-

TELSAT. "The importance of this launch for COMSAT and its customers," said Ron Mario, vice presi- dent and general manager for COMSAT Mobile

Communications, "is that it adds significant ca- pacity to the Atlantic Ocean region, which is the most heavily used region in the Inmarsat system.

Customers should not experience any congestion problems in the future," Mr. Mario said. "This satellite also provides for system efficiencies by using digital technology, which should help re- duce costs and improve the range of services available for aeronautical, maritime and land mobile applications."

Each satellite in the Inmarsat-2 series can carry the equivalent of250 voice circuits, making them about four times more powerful than the

INTELSAT-V Maritime Communications Sub- systems (MCS) and the MARECS satellites they replace. A special feature of the Inmarsat-2 satellites is specifically assigned "L-band" band- width of aeronautical services.

The third Inmarsat-2 (F3) is scheduled for launch on an Ariane rocket in the fourth quarter of 1991, from Kourou in French Guiana and will be placed over the Pacific Ocean region. The final satellite in the Inmarsat-2 series will be launched subsequently, also from Kourou. A contract was approved for the next generation of satellites, the

Inmarsat-3s, which will be built by General Elec- tric Astro-Space Division and launched in the 1994-95 timeframe.

COMSAT Mobile Communications provides a variety of satellite communications services to maritime, aeronautical and international land mobile industries throughout the world.

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May, 1991

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