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McElroy Machine & Manufacturing specially developed this winch for retrieving nets from waters as deep as 800 fathoms for Compagnie

Francaise De Peche, a seafood processing plant in

French Guyana. 1754, it is also the sixth oldest United

States corporation. The Devoe paint system has been used extensively by Bayou shipyards, and there is hardly a port anywhere in the world where you will not find vessels pro- tected by the Devoe coating system.

A limiting factor in achieving full potential for the ongoing diversifi- cation program is the relatively shallow (12-foot) access channel.

Some local shipyards have been able to overcome this adversity by mak- ing use of a "split operation" con- cept, where larger vessels are con-


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American International Marine 73

Angus Yachts 56

Bayou Marine Products & Services 63

Cummins Alabama 70

Devoe Paints 74

Gazzier Shipyard 60

Horten Boats 66

John E. Graham & Sons 68

Johnson Shipbuilding/Repair 57

LaForce Shipyard 59

Landry Boats 65

Marine Gears 69

Master Boat Builders 67

Master Marine 64

McElroy Machine 71

Ocean Marine 61

Off Shore Trawlers 54

Randall's Boat Repair 62

Rodriquez Boats 58

Southeastern Electronics 72

Steiner Shipyard 55 structed, repaired and outfitted to the fullest extent possible, then, due to the depth limitations, moved to facilities that can accommodate the deeper draft vessels.

The good news is that a U.S. Army

Corps of Engineers' feasibility analy- sis for channel improvements, rec- ommending an 18-foot depth was completed in September 1988 and has now been approved by Congress.

It is possible that the first construc- tion contracts will be in place by

April 1992.

With the channel deepening,

Bayou shipyards, with their favor- able labor supply, skilled craftsmen and reasonable wage scale, will provide a highly beneficial alterna- tive for fleet and vessel owners look- ing for reasonable repair and con- struction costs.

A trip down the bayou today is a lesson in geography. Hailing ports on boats being constructed reflect all sea bordering countries. Gumbo, a traditional dish relished locally, is a mixture of many things and this is true of vessels being built in Bayou

La Batre ... you name the type and

Bayou shipyards have built it, are building it, or you can bet your deck boots, will build it for you.

GE Marine & Industrial Engines

Keeping the Promise

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This used to be the engine room.

Now this space is pure profit on cruise ships, fast ferries and other commercial ships.

Since the life cycle costs of gas tur- bine or diesel propulsion systems are virtually the same, with LM gas turbines, your bottom line gets more of what you operate a commercial ship for.

What's more, gas turbines pro- duce lower exhaust pollution. Which will be a real plus in the future.

Thanks to LM gas turbines, today's captains will have the most trouble-free ships of their careers.

And passengers will enjoy a smoother, cleaner, quieter, healthier voyage.

Sounds like a sea story? Ask the

U.S. Navy. Or the navies of 23 other countries. For more than two dec- ades, LM2500 propulsion has provided them with more shipboard space, exceptional reliability, lower mainte- nance costs, and availability for sea duty that's consistendy over 99%.

Other LM gas turbines are available to fit every cruise ship, fast ferry and other commercial ship applications. To find out how GE's

LM propulsion can help you run your new ships more profitably, contact

Manager, Commercial Ship Propul- sion Marketing, Mail Drop S-158, GE

Marine & Industrial Engines, One

Neumann Way, Cincinnati, OH, USA 45215. Or call 513-552-5378.

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