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Harvey Gulf Intl. Receives Gladding-Hearn To Build

M/V Harvey Thunder High-Speed Catamaran

Harvey Gulf International Marine, Inc., Hy-Line Cruises, a division of Hyannis has received the second member of its Harbor Tours, Hyannis Mass., has ordered new 13,500 hp class offshore tug, M/V a new 300-passenger high-speed catama-

Harvey Thunder, which was constructed ran from Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, by Eastern Shipbuilding. the Duclos Corporation. This is the third

This state-of-the-art-towing vessel is Incat-designed fast ferry built by the ship- equipped with a 500 hp bowthruster for yard for the Cape Cod tourism company, improved station keeping capabilities and the 27th high-speed catamaran built while working with semi-submersible by Gladding Hearn. M/V Grey Lady III, drilling rigs. scheduled for delivery next year, will

Harvey Gulf presently has M/V Harvey replace the smaller Grey Lady II and pro-

War Horse under construction, which is a vide year-round passenger service 16,000 hp class anchor handling/towing between Hyannis and Nantucket Island, vessel slated for delivery by March 15, The new, all-aluminum ferry measures 2002. 144 ft. (43.7 m) in length, 35 ft. (10.6m)

Circle 63 on Reader Service Card at the beam, draws 6.5 ft. (2m), and is powered by four Cummins KTA50M2 diesel engines, each delivering 1,800 bhp.

Stelmar Shipping Gets The vessel is Pr°Pelled by four Hamilton • a I. n T 1 water jets through Reinites WVS730D Double Hull Tanker gearboJxes AcJdmg toJ Peter Duclos>

Stelmar Shtpping Ltd.. recently ciadding-Hearn's director of business received M/T Pearlmar, a newly built development, its top speed is more than

Panamax tanker from the Daewoo Ship- 38 knots whgn fully ,oaded at a dwt of 40 building and Marine Engineering Compa- (ons -The boa,,s top speed win give the ny Ltd. 111 South Korea. operator about a five knot margin on the

The first of a series of four sister ships scheduie. with all four engines running at being constructed for the company by ,he continuous horsepower rating, the

Daewoo, the vessel has entered into a pre- vesse, wi„ comfortab|y kept the schedule viously announced two-year time charter at a speed of 33 knots ,n the eyent of a with Adam Maritime Corporation. failure on one of the propuision systems,

Including these vessels. Stelmar now the boa, wi„ sti„ keep the schedule, but has 20 vessels on time charter — includ- wi„ require fu„ power from the remaining ing the three other Panamax tankers and engines This kind of margin is just pru_

Circle 275 on Reader Service Card ^ ^^ ^ a'> sched" dent business for a ferry service that oper- or visit t0 be dellVered ln the hrSt halt ot ates in excess of 5,000 hours per year."

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Townsend Bay Launches

Alaskan Grandeur

Townsend Bay Marine LLC (TBM), a yachtbuilding and repair company based in Port Townsend, Wash., has launched

Alaskan Grandeur for Glacier Guides,

Inc. The 68-ft. (20.7-m) composite vessel has a 2L5-ft. (6.5-m) beam and is based on a limit seiner hull. Designed by John

L. Anderson Yacht Design of Kingston,

Wash., to be independent of shore sup- port for periods of up to three months,

Alaskan Grandeur will be used for hunt- ing and fishing charters in Alaskan waters, and will be provisioned at the beginning of the season for cruising to remote locations without returning to base. Accommodations include four dou- ble staterooms for guests and two double cabins for crew.

Circle 68 on Reader Service Card www. mariti merepor teri

Main Particulars

Power . .Caterpillar 3406, rated 310 hp @1,350 rpm

Displacement 226,000 lbs. (102.7 tons)

Cruising speed 8-9 knots

Range 3,600 miles at 8 knots, 4,900 at 7 knots

Water capacity ... .2,000 gallons (plus watermaker)

Fuel capacity 3,960 gallons

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