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CRUISE SHIPPING • LINDBLAD EXPEDITIONS “We are a shipping company, so to achieve an autonomous ship is not our objective: our goal is safer, energy ef? cient operations and more reliable logistics.

Our goal is to be the most reliable cargo carrier. We see automation technology as supporting our objective.”

Hideyuki Ando, Senior General Manager, Maritime

Technology Division, Doctor of Engineering, MTI Co., Ltd.

200 vessels.” “What I see as a next step is an adop-

The original plan was to collect data tion of these technologies on manned in the name of improving energy ef? - ships,” said Lepisto of ABB. “On the ciency, but “from 2012 we updated our development side there’s going to be

Do You Fabricate Do You Fabricate system to also collect safety data as well an increased focus on the machinery as energy ef? ciency,” expanding the side. Today there is a big focus on the sensor data output from about 50 sensor navigational aspects, but there is less & Repair Ships?& Repair Ships?

data points originally to 1000 to 2000 discussion on the machinery area, such data points today. “We collect all avail- as maintenance processes of the ships able data,” said Ando. being changed to accommodate auton-

While data is the ‘blood’ of autonomy, omy? There has to be a change toward it could be argued that power is the a more electric power train to improve ‘heart.’ redundancy and reliability. Electric sys-


Norled Ampere was the world’s ? rst all-electric car ferry, carrying up to 120 cars and 360 passengers across the 4.2-mile (6.8 km) Sognefjord channel that separates Norway’s villages of Lavik and Oppendal and empties into the North

Atlantic’s Norwegian Sea. The 260-ft. vessel recharges its dual 450 kW/hour battery packs after each docking in less 10 minutes. Operated by Norled, a Nor-

HGG UPC 450. Game ChangerHGG UPC 450. Game Changer wegian shipping company under license from the nation’s Ministry of Transport, the Norled Ampere includes a Siemens BlueDrive PlusC propulsion system that

Our new UPC 450 Ship Profiler is a Designed for versatility, the UPC drives fore and aft screws. game changer. With it, you’ll not only 450 Ship Profiler offers you a “There have been several ‘lessons learned’ in the case of AMPERE,” said Da- increase cutting and pre-fabrication wide range of capabilities. vid Grucza, Director, U.S. Marine, Siemens Government Technologies, Inc. “The productivity dramatically; you’ll also

Configure it to accommodate a eliminate the need to cut ship ? rst is that it is really quiet. Without the diesels, that was a learning for the crew variety of fabrication needs and stiffeners and spools by hand. to trust what they saw on the bridge. Without hearing the diesels, they had to footprint requirements. You can trust what they saw on the bridge to know they had the power available.”

The UPC?Ship Profiler 450 combines also quickly and easily convert it

Siemens also learned a lot about energy storage and battery system design, ship stiffener cutting, 3D profile cutting from cutting stiffeners to cutting with optional tube cutting in the first tubes with just one person. which was part of the reason it came out with its own energy storage design.

affordably priced machine of its kind.

Check it out on the “There are many different opinions on batteries. When you talk to some people

Plus, it’s available with a very small web. And view our about the batteries they say ‘it’s a big investment, I want a 10-year life,’” said machine footprint, saving your short movie.

Grucza. “But battery technology is evolving so rapidly that some people want a 5 valuable floor space.

OTC?Booth #1629 year life so that they can upgrade to a more ef? cient system.”

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