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Schottel Propulsion for IMR Vessel Paul Candies

Paul Candies, a new Inspection Maintenance Repair (IMR) vessel built by Candies Shipbuilders and owned by its parent company Otto Can- dies, LLC, is equipped with three different Schottel propulsion systems: two Combi Drives; two transverse thrusters; and one retractable rudder propeller. Due to two type SCD 560 STP Schottel Combi Drive azimuth thrusters the diesel-electric vessel reaches a speed of 14 knots. The 2600 kW SCD 560 STP features the Schottel twin propeller concept. By shar- ing the load between two propellers, this concept is designed to increase propulsion ef? ciency and reduce fuel consumption over single propeller systems. Beyond this, two type STT 5 FP bow thrusters (each of 1,050 kW) and one 800 kW type SRP 260 R FP retractable bow thruster en- sure precise and high maneuverability in DP mode.

Otto Candies, LLC deploys the MT6020 Marin Teknikk design vessel in the worldwide offshore industry. The 101.25 x 20.6 m wide vessel is named after Paul Candies, the long-time President of Otto Candies,

Paul Candies is a new Inspection Maintenance Repair (IMR) vessel built

LLC. The new IMR vessel joins the other 42 vessels in the Otto Can- by Candies Shipbuilders and owned by its parent company Otto Candies, dies, LLC ? eet.

LLC. It is equipped with three different Schottel propulsion systems.

Image: Otto Candies, LLC

On Trial: Drone Deliveries to Ships @ Anchor

In partnership with Airbus, Wil- rather than launch boat, as part and helmsen’s shore-to-ship Singapore parcel of their continued evolution of pilot project marks the ? rst deploy- the agency business. “Delivery of es- ment of drone technology in real-time sential spares, medical supplies and port conditions, delivering a variety of cash to Master via launch boat, is an small, time-critical items to working established part of our portfolio of vessels at anchorage. husbandry services, which we provide

Lifting off from Marina South Pier day in and day out, in ports all over the in Singapore with 3D printed con- world,” said Johansen. “Modern tech- sumables from Wilhelmsen’s onshore nology such as Unmanned Aircraft 3D printing micro-factory, the Airbus Systems (UAS), is just a new tool,

Skyways drone navigated autono- albeit a very cool one, with which we mously along pre-determined ‘aerial- can push our industry ever forward and corridors’ in its 1.5km ? ight to Eastern improve how we serve our customers.”

Working Anchorage. The drone landed The ongoing pilot trial will for now,

Wilhelmsen’s shore-to- on the deck of the Swire Paci? c Off- focus on offshore supply vessels at ship Singapore pilot shore (SPO)’s Anchor Handling Tug anchorage 1.5km from the pier. With project marks the ? rst

Supply (AHTS) vessel, M/V Paci? c operational safety as a priority, ? ights deployment of drone

Centurion and deposited its 1.5kg car- will be limited to this distance for the technology in real-time go without a hitch before returning to time being, before the ? ight range is port conditions, deliver- its base. The entire delivery, from take- gradually extended to as far as 3km ing a variety of small, time-critical items to off towards the vessel, to landing back from the shore.

working vessels at an- at base, took just 10 minutes. The Maritime and Port Authority of chorage.

“The now proven, seamless opera- Singapore (MPA) is facilitating the tion of drone deliveries from shore- trial, which started in late November to-ship, in one of the world’s busiest 2018, through the interim use of Ma- ports, proves the hard work, invest- rina South Pier as the launching and ment and faith we, and indeed our landing point for Airbus’ delivery partners, placed in the Agency by Air drone. At the same time, MPA has des- drone delivery project over the past ignated anchorages for vessels to an- two years was not misplaced,” said chor off Marina South for the trial. The

Marius Johansen, VP Commercial, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

Wilhelmsen Ships Agency says. is also working with Wilhelmsen and

Wilhelmsen sees delivery by drone, Airbus to ensure safety of the trials.

Image: Airbus & Wilhelmsen Image: Airbus & Wilhelmsen 55

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