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President, Thermamax, Inc.

What is the Thermamax offering to the maritime indus- try?

Thermamax is a specialist in the design and manufac- ture of thermal and acoustic insulation solutions for die- sel engines, spark ignited engines, exhaust aftertreatment systems and electric storage systems. Our markets include automotive, on- and off-highway sectors, power sports vehicles, stationary power generation, ships, and oil plat- forms, both on land and at sea. For the marine industry,

Thermamax is a solution provider for SOLAS-compliant insulation solutions for engine rooms. We supply highly effective insulation claddings for most of the leading en- gine and turbocharger OEMs. In addition, Thermamax is able to design, manufacture and install SOLAS- compliant retro? tting insulations also for engines that are already in service for a longer period of time and that eventually do not meet latest safety standards. This is relevant for cruise ships and offshore vessels, but really for any commercial ship.

What percentage is to the maritime and offshore seg- ment?

About 20% in 2018.

When you look at your range of products to the mari- time sector, what is the top driver?

The number one driver certainly is safety. According to IMO SOLAS the surface temperature of modern ma- rine engines must not exceed 200°C. In addition, engine builders are striving for better fuel ef? ciency, mainly by increasing the engine`s power density what typically leads to higher exhaust gas temperatures. Due to higher charge air pressures even the area of the compressor outlet of the turbocharger becomes a concern in terms of surface temperatures. Consequently, every new engine has to be equipped with a highly ef? cient insulation system. But as already mentioned, higher levels of safety are also impor- tant for older engines that do not meet latest SOLAS re- quirement. For these engines, Thermamax is able to design 26 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • MAY 2019

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