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GREEN MARINE • Propulsion

UASC (United Arab Shipping Com- JIR to be converted is the “progenitor” pany), still has a slot capacity of 14,993 of the DF engine 9S90 ME-GI, the two

TEU. The ship is currently powered by variants differ in essential components a MAN 9S90 ME-C 10.2 engine with and systems. For example, the cylinder “WITH THE CONVERSION OF SAJIR, an output of 37,630 kW at 72 rpm. This head of the ME-GI engine is equipped

WE ARE THE FIRST SHIPPING COMPANY engine is to be converted into a 9S90 with two valves for gas injection and two


ME-C 10.5-GI dual-fuel engine with the conventional valves for the pilot fuel oil. same power and speed. The two engine types, ME-C and ME-


MAN SE has already been able to GI, are largely the same and have the

GAS PROPULSION.” present several engine conversions from same ef? ciency, the same power and the its portfolio (see MV WES AMELIE and same main dimensions. In comparison others) as a reference, but the Hapag- to the ME-C engine, the ME-GI engine


Lloyd project is nevertheless the ? rst has a modi? ed exhaust system, a modi- ship-side retro? t project for the Augs- ? ed cylinder head with the necessary gas

MANAGING DIRECTOR FLEET burg engine manufacturer. The conver- supply lines and attached gas control de-

MANAGEMENT, HAPAG-LLOYD sion of a ship to methane operation is vices.

highly complex. Even though the nine- On the gas supply side, space must be cylinder in-line diesel engine of the SA- found for the LNG tank and vaporization

Images: Starting left:

The MAN B&W engine type ME-GI.

Sectional view gas injection of ME-GI.

The 300-bar high-pressure pump vaporator unit (VPU system) from MAN SE to be installed at the


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