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Shell Launches Alexia 40

Shell Marine is introducing Shell Alexia 40 – with a Base Number of 40 – a new two-stroke engine cylinder oil speci? cally for use with en- gines running on 0.5% sulfur content Very Low

Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO). Shell Alexia 40 has undergone thousands of hours of trials on board four ships with the latest engine types, using rep- resentative IMO 2020-compliant fuels, to verify performance at sea. The new product will be

ZF: New CBM Tech for available for use in Singapore from June 1, 2019 and will be gradually introduced to other main

Thruster Systems

Shutterstock supply ports within the Shell Marine global net-

ZF Marine Krimpen recently debuted its Condi- work such as the U.S., China, United Arab Emir- tion Monitoring System designed to help ship-

FuelTrax Works with Opsealog ates and the Netherlands before January 1, 2020.

ping companies and ? eet operators maintain the

FuelTrax, a pioneer for electronic fuel monitoring

The launch of Shell Alexia 40 will coincide with safety and ef? ciency of their ships. It is equipped systems (EFMS), has formalized compatibility an introduction of the new Shell Alexia two- with various sensors and an intelligent electronic with data integration service provider, Opsealog.

stroke engine oils portfolio.

evaluation unit. The system measures vibrations

Opsealog works in partnership with customers to which indicate the condition of the bearings and integrate with FuelTrax data and to generate ad- gears in the thruster’s upper and lower gearbox. ditional analysis and controls for upstream level

The measurement results help the operators management. Opsealog and FUELT FuelTrax identify early on which components need to be

RAX currently work together on three vessels, replaced or maintained, meaning repairs can be and through formalizing this compatibility, both planned in advance. It also is designed to help ex- organizations expect this number to expand tend the service life of the monitored systems and amongst their mutual client base. components.


Hougen Magnetic Drill Kit New Pumps for Exhaust Gas

Hougen Manufacturing released a new portable

Cleaning Systems magnetic drill kit: the HMD2MT Fabricator’s

For on-board exhaust

Kit. This kit features the HMD2MT #2 Morse gas cleaning systems

Taper magnetic drill bundled with a number of

KSB ITUR Spain S.A. accessories to give steel fabricators the ability to developed its ILN type tackle more jobs by using less tools. The new all- series of vertical in-line in-one Fabricator’s Kit combines the HMD2MT centrifugal pumps with

CMR Group ZF Marine magnetic drill along with the 83000 tapping kit, closed impeller and me- 08821 drill chuck adapter and a ½-in. Hougen chanical seal. With its

CMR E-Pulse Designed drill chuck. redesigned hydraulic to Extend Engine Life system, the pumps meet

As the technology development cycle continues the tough requirements to accelerate, CMR Group claims its new tech can speci? ed by the authori- last a generation. CMR Group has reportedly de- ties regarding operating veloped a new approach to extending the life cy- behavior and ef? ciency. cle of engines: E-Pulse. E-Pulse is a new control

The water-tight rolling system built around an integrated touch screen- element bearings require operated local operating panel, main control cabi- neither re-lubrication net and junction box microprocessor package. It nor maintenance. The is designed to reduce the requirement for future casing materials are alu-

KSB SE & Co. KGaA control system re? t, providing advanced opera- minum bronze and super tional functionality alongside comprehensive en- duplex steels. The maximum ? ow rate of the (60 gine alarm and monitoring, safety, control opera-

Hz) pump sets is 3,700 cu. m./hr., and the maxi- tional capabilities for 20 years. mum head is 160m.

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