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Ship Repair & Conversion Annual

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Ship Repair

Activities and Investments in ship repair & conversion yards

Bayonne Drydock & Repair Corp.

BDDRC Invests in Shiplift Capacity

Bayonne Drydock & Repair in Bay- “We have taken onne, NJ, reported brisk business in 2019, with the BDDRC ? oating drydock delivery of a 1280T and graving dock in use approximately 98 percent of the time, according to Bob

MBH (Marine Boat

Magas, General Manager Commercial

Operations, BDDRC. Driving business

Hoist) designed was a variety of topside repair projects with existing clients, as well as three and delivered by “successfully completed MSC vessel

Cimolai ... our MBH drydockings, on time and on budget,” according to Magas. This trio of jobs is reported to be was enhanced as BDDRC “engineered and installed a roller fendering system the largest travel in our graving dock,” said Magas. “This allowed BDDRC the capability to carry lift built in the out and successfully complete side port /

PVR testing on MSC vessel in our grav- world.” ing dock.”

Magas is responsible for all aspects of commercial operations at BDDRC in-

Bob Magas, cluding the staff that supports it. “This currently includes our ? oating drydock,

Photos: Bayonne Drydock & Repair

GM, BDDRC all topside repairs as well as oversite of our capital projects which include the dredging to a 27-ft.. depth at MLW as

MBH (Marine Boat Hoist) Project,” he well as upland improvements to what said. will be the “parking lot” for the ves-

Like any shipyard, BDDRC must con- sels that BDDRC will haul and place at tinually invest to keep facilities updated, work stations for completion of repairs. and Magas is particularly pleased to wel- “Each vessel will have its own work sta- come a new ship lift capacity in 2020. tion where services such as shore pow- “We have taken delivery of a 1280T er, fresh water, ? re lines and air will be

MBH (Marine Boat Hoist) designed and available while each vessel undergoes delivered by Cimolai,” said Magas. “Its their repairs,” said Magas.

components remain at our facility until If all construction plans stay on sched- assembly commences in March 2020. ule, the new shiplift should enter service

To date, our MBH is reported to be the in June 2020.

largest travel lift built in the world.” While the shiplift capacity is the cen-

As the clock turned to 2020, BDDRC terpiece of investment, BDDRC has was in the “construction phase of the also “expanded and upgraded our ma-

Shipyard Tools project” (contract was awarded to Bird chine shop to include a CNC machine,

Construction of Bayville NJ) which in- press brake, plate roller, angle and pipe cludes the construction of new piers and roller, iron workers, blast cabinet as well bulkheads, creating the vessel basin, as new UHP machines.” 42 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • January 2020

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