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AR & Maritime Maintenance

As maritime embraces new digitalization technologies aimed at reducing costs and enhancing safety onboard ships, MAN CEON,

MAN Energy Solutions’ umbrella brand for all its digital products, comes to the fore for TechGuide, an augmented reality maintenance platform. Using mobile devices or head-mounted displays, Tech-

Guide enables engineers to use their preferred learning style on a

Photo: Greg Trauthwein job, whether through 3D-models, animations, video, to have instruc- tions read aloud or to browse a pdf. It is currently being put to the

Synthetic Natural Gas test on a number of bulk carriers owned by Singapore-based Berge

Bulk. When a maintenance job has been completed using the MAN

Testing new fuels in real-world situations re-

CEON TechGuide, the information is automatically uploaded to the mains at pace, powered by collaborations. One owner’s system via WiFi in the engine room. “The MAN CEON such project recently announced is between

TechGuide app is transforming the way maintenance and inspection

Wessels Marine and MAN Energy Systems, operations are carried out on board,” said Dr. Lars Gruenitz, Berge on a project to convert the containership Wes

Bulk. “With the app working in tandem with our current ? eet-man-

Amelie to run on Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG). agement system, we believe that it will not only signi? cantly reduce

While SNG today is far to sparse and expensive our crew’s work load, but that it will also further enhance the quality to make it a near term commercial reality, this and reliability of our maintenance operations.” step is signi? cant in that a ship out? tted with an MAN propulsion unit to run on LNG would onte ugme ugment on To T To To To T To a a a a augment nt c c conte te te tent nt nt t t t t n n need no modi? cation to have it run on SNG, worl wo wo wo n n in in the real worl rl rl r d, d d d d effectively making it ‘future proof’ while help-

C C C C CE EON Tec chGu dehG dehG de hGuid ing to dispel the notion that LNG is merely a e e e em m mploys sp sp sp sp pat at at at atial bridge to strict new emission regulations which an an an n n n in informatio o on n n n and d d dand seek to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the abou ab ab n n in informatio on n n n n about t t about maritime sector 50% by 2050. Wes Amelie, s s s su u u s rroundin n n ngs gs gs s gs. the 1,036-TEU feeder container ship which ns ns ns ns ns A A A A A An n n A imations s a a a a a are re re re re r n n n n n t t t t t t t t t t t t t ot was retro? tted in 2017 to run on LNG, will use lo o o o lo l c ck c ed into o o o a a a a a sp sp sp sp spe- e- e e lique? ed SNG produced from renewable elec- pers pe pe pe pe pe pe pe pe ci i ci ci ci ci c ? ???? ?cc c c c pers rs rs rs rspe e e e ect ct ct ct ct ct ct ct ct ct ct t t ct ct t t t t ct ct t tiv iv iv iv v iv iv v iv v iv iv iv v v iv iv v iv v iv iv v iv iv iv iv i i e. e e e e. e. e e. e e. e. e. e. e. . e. e. e. e trical energy as drop-in fuel. The companies are cooperating on the Wes Amelie project with

Nauticor, the LNG transportation company, and

Unifeeder, the charter company.

Photo: MAN ES

Spotlight: COATINGS

Knutsen OAS Shipping

PPG ASSET Integrity Mgmt VRSim Hempaguard MaX AkzoNobel Intershield

PPG’s Asset Integrity Manage- VRSim’s SimSpray 3.0, a vir- Hempel’s Hempaguard MaX Knutsen OAS Shipping chose ment system is a software tual reality paint training tool, provides vessels with a smooth- AkzoNobel and its Intershield system that assists facility uses HTC’s VIVE Pro HMD and er hull, reducing drag and low- 300 and Intersleek foul re- managers and maintenance VIVE Trackers, and offers anin- ering fuel requirements, with a lease technologies for their engineers in scheduling, bud- tuitive user experience by fea- guaranteed maximum speed latest LNG vessels built in Ko- geting and optimizing the cor- turing enhanced visuals and loss of 1.2 percent over ? ve rea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries rosion protection. trainee feedback. years. shipyard. 49

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