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Deepwater: The Big New Horizon

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Charleston, South Carolina hicle (AIV) is, like the Sabertooth, able to hover, (for close up inspection). It’s an in? eld inspection vehicle with 24-hour endurance, says Alan Gray, from Subsea 7 company i-Tech 7. The 1.7-meter-long,

ENGINEERED TO WITHSTAND 1.3-meter-wide, 0.8-meter-high vehicle (750 kilograms in air), with lithium ion YOUR ENVIRONMENT batteries can do a 40 kilometers round trip, he told Subsea Expo in Aberdeen

DARK SABER earlier this year, and performed 36 in-

LED Light + Laser + Strobe spections during a single 18-hour period 11,000 Lumens last year. It’s done four offshore trials, including docking and has reached TRL5

Adjustable LED 5-100mW (technology readiness level), he said.

Adjustable Laser

The AIV, which can communicate via

P/N#: SS182 mkII acoustic, radio or 4G networks, could be used during simultaneous operations op- ?DsÐ?Ž?ÐŽYl?ŽuuGE?slSNsÐUG?uG??ÐŽY?lAYlÐ???GYl erating from a garage, to free up the IMR ?EŽAÐŽ??OÐYŽs?G?YŽGiGÐl?ŽYYGA?d??ŽYA??

vessel for other work, says Gray. But, it’s ?GÐlS?AOYOŽI????w also been built with autonomy in mind. It ?D?uOÐuGusOSl??ÐAwG?AÐAYdGÐŽYl?ŽuuGEd?A?sYOuG?G?sAuÐŽ?l uses a map combined with sonar to navi- ?sOslAuŽ?AYAuŽOsYÐ?l?Ž?^^l?ŽdGsYÐ?l?

gate and has an advanced planning sys-

CAMERAS—LIGHTS—PAN & TILTS—CONTROLLERS—ENGINEERING tem, with an intuitive map on which you can point and click to plan missions, says

Gray. Using through-water communica- tions could then bring the human in the +1 (619) 275-5533 loop for complex tasks, although there’s

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